5 Items on My Fall Wishlist

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Camel Coat

Ahh, yes. I’m still on the hunt for the perfectly tailored, longline coat. This was the first item on my summer to fall wishlist, but I still haven’t found the one I’m looking for. Am I the only one who takes forever to find that perfect fall/winter coat?

Leather Jacket

Sad to say, my trusty black leather jacket is officially kaput. Last year, I purchased a pink vegan leather jacket by the brand Blank NYC. I still absolutely love it for a pop of color, but my wardrobe feels like it’s lacking a major staple without the classic black leather jacket. I found a few over the last month that I like, now it’s all about narrowing down the selection. The pink one from Blank NYC is tailored to my liking, so I’m hoping the black version of it is still in stores.

Taupe Ankle Boots

I shared in a recent outfit post how I style my black ankle boots for work, but I don’t have any brown ankle boots for the casual days. I used to only wear tall boots, but lately I’ve preferred the look of a low-heeled ankle boot. Aside from a pair of taupe ankle boots, I’m surprisingly all set with fall shoes.

Denim Jacket

There’s nothing like a good denim jacket. I own one that’s cropped, and I’ve had it for years. It’s officially time to swap it out for a full-sized denim jacket.¬†Much like the camel coat situation, finding a good denim jacket is a long process. The fit has to be perfect, it can’t look like it’s wearing me, and the fabric needs to be semi-flexible. I haven’t had much luck in this department, so please let me know of any brands that have a few good options!

Plaid Scarf

Last but not least, I am looking for a plaid scarf this Fall. Scarves are another category that I’m pretty set with as far as Fall items are concerned, but I do want a plaid scarf. Since I like to wear a lot of solids, topping a look with a plaid scarf will add variety to my wardrobe staples.

What items are on your Fall wishlist?

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