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First up on the #liquidlipseries are the two gorgeous colors I own from Anastasia Beverly Hills. One should look familiar to you as it was featured not only in my Best of 2015 post, but also my January favorites.  Anastasia Beverly Hills was the second brand of liquid lipsticks I ever purchased–the first was Kat Von D during my Vegas trip.

How’s the formula?

  • Mousse-like texture
  • Minimal product transfer
  • Long-wearing (up to 6 hours)
  • High color payoff

The formula is not what I expected, but I mean that in a good way. When you hear the phrase “liquid lipstick,” you literally think the product will be a liquid, right? ABH liquid lipsticks are more of a mousse texture. If you’ve ever tried the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, they remind me of that whipped consistency. The only difference is ABH isn’t dry like NYX so it’s a lot easier to work with, but it’s also easy to create a sloppy border if you aren’t using a lip liner.

As for the dryness and staying power, the product dries in a reasonable amount of time. I like that it doesn’t take forever to dry, but it also doesn’t dry so quickly that you don’t have a chance to apply the product to your liking. When applied directly to the lips without a primer, the lipstick will set in under 15 seconds. With a primer, it only takes under 30 seconds. Of course, I always use Chapstick or a lip mask prior to applying any liquid lipstick because it keeps the dryness in a bearable state. ABH liquid lipsticks do cause your lips to feel a little dry if you don’t use a primer underneath, but it’s extremely tolerable. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being unbearably dry, I’d rate the formula a 1.5.

My favorite part about the ABH liquid lipsticks is that they don’t transfer easily onto skin, clothes, or other items. So even when you’re drinking a cup of coffee, you’ll have minimal product transfer. I usually don’t have to reapply my lipstick until mid-day, and this is just due to the color starting to fade in the center of my lips. It’s nothing that can’t be stretched through the full day, but I like to reapply as a personal preference in the middle of the day.

Liquid-Lipstick-Haul-4Get to the colors!

Okay, okay. So let’s get to what you’re really here for. The swatches! Granted, I don’t have very many to show you for this brand. The reason behind this is my local Macy’s never has the other shades I want in stock, and they also aren’t available on ABH’s website anymore. There are two additional colors in stock that I’d consider purchasing–Vamp and American Doll–but nothing I’d be heartbroken over if I don’t purchase them.

The two colors I own are Sad Girl and Heathers.

Sad Girl is a deep purple with  burgundy glitter. The shade is a gorgeous slightly lighter than vampy lip color, and the glitter adds dimension. I like the color a lot but admittedly don’t wear it nearly as much as Heather simply because I don’t gravitate towards a super dark lip on a consistent basis.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sad Girl Liquid Lipstick on Dark Skin WOC

Heathers is my favorite shade. It’s a deep brick red, so the color comes off on the lips as a dark red with mahogany brown undertones.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Heathers Liquid Lipstick on Dark Skin WOC

Have you tried any Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks?

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