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Hi, I'm Chelsey


Today’s post is a quick one because I have a pretty lengthy one coming soon and I like to spare your attention span by breaking those up with shorter posts in between. Not to mention, I got back into town late last night after seeing Nicki Minaj in concert so I’m still switching out of weekend mode.

Last Friday, I shared a few product options to help you achieve a summer glow. While it’s always fun to see a variety and choose for yourself, I thought it might also be helpful to share some of my favorites. I’m by no means a bronzer and highlighter connoisseur, but I have definitely developed a growing interest in the area. If you’re close to my skintone, you may want to try out a few of the products below, as I’ve found them to compliment a deep skintone and not create the ash effect we all work hard to avoid. So here’s a quick peek into the cheek products I actively reach for:


Although my collection is small, I use at least one of these products nearly every day. What I love about them is they’re all great quality and long-wearing. Even on those rare occasions when I want to apply products with a heavy hand, the end result doesn’t look cakey.

Do you strive for a golden glow for your summer makeup looks?

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