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It’s been a while since I placed the spotlight on an up and coming designer. I was contacted by Alyssa Couture, designer and owner of Alternative Fashion, and I’m pleased to share her brand with you all. Before I share my thoughts and opinions, I want to allow you all the opportunity to know a little more about Alternative Fashion.

Who is Alyssa Couture?

Alyssa Couture is the girl behind the brand. She is both the designer and owner of Alternative Fashion, which first launched in Spring 2015. Her inspiration behind the brand is “the balance between nature and the urban environment.”

What is Alternative Fashion?

Alternative Fashion  is comfortable and timeless. It’s designed to make women feel comfortable, but it’s also eco-friendly. The designs use natural plant-based fibers and dyes to curate comfortable designs made to appeal to any free-spirited and confident woman. As the website states,

“Alternative Fashion is designed to make us feel comfortable within our own skin, and empower us to feel confident through what we wear, and how we wear it.”

Venti x Alternative: My Thoughts

I love being able to spotlight a new designer because we’re able to see their starting point. Everything is new, exciting, and fresh with a world of potential and opportunities just waiting to be grabbed. Specifically with Alternative Fashion, I wanted to feature it because the designs align with what I look for in clothing. I’ve said time and time again here on the site that I like to be comfortably cute. I’m big on simplicity, minimal designs, and practicality. Alternative Fashion hits all those bullet points and more. When I look at the clothing, I can see a dancer, a yogi, and the everyday woman wearing these designs because they are effortlessly easy.

They’re easy to mix in with your wardrobe, and they’re easy to wear all day in a comfortable fashion. The key to looking confident in your clothes is not having to fidget and fix and alter as you go throughout the day. The designs are versatile in the sense that there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly option to layer like a basic tank, or a jacket that can be loose but still flatter your figure, your need can be met with Alternative Fashion.

FW 2015 Designs

Alyssa was kind enough to provide a large selection of photos to share with you all, which is what you’re seeing in today’s post. All photos featured are editorial shots of the Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Below are a few of my favorite shots, but please be sure to view the full site for the entire FW 2015 lookbook.

AlyssaCouture_fashion_Aug2015_by_Lomanno_0648 AlyssaCouture_fashion_Aug2015_by_Lomanno_0660 AlyssaCouture_fashion_Aug2015_by_Lomanno_0755 AlyssaCouture_fashion_Aug2015_by_Lomanno_0807 AlyssaCouture_fashion_Aug2015_by_Lomanno_0775

Important Credits

Photographer: Matthew Lomanno
Model: Charlotte Hulseman
Makeup: Kaleigh Bisson
Hair: Tara Whitten Marie & Jeannine Cardinal

Interested in purchasing or learning more about Alternative Fashion? You can shop the fall/winter 2015 lookbook here.

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