Pack With Me | Calpak Marble Carry-On

Happy TGIT! Another video is up and this one is nice and brief! If you didn’t already know, I’m going on a mini vacation for the Mother’s Day weekend with my parents. We’ll be walking around the Las Vegas strip and seeing the Grand Canyon, so I’m trying to pack light and comfortable. Of course, this video was recorded on Tuesday and I leave on Saturday. With a few days in between, who knows what will change! As of right now, these are the outfits I’m packing, but we’ll see what the end result is when I return!

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Pack With Me | Calpak Marble Carry-On




  • Striped Ruffle Top – Zara
  • White Lace Top – Zara
  • Graphic Tee – Zara
  • Orange Crop Top – Zara
  • Orange Floral Top – Zara
  • Floral Crop Top – Zara
  • Halter Dress – ASOS


What are you up to this weekend?