2 Theme Ideas for Office Supplies

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Do you ever get into one of those moods where you want to shop, but shop for a particular item or theme? Spring is finally around the corner, but I haven’t quite reached my clothing mood yet. Right now, I am absolutely loving office decor. When it comes to blogging, I like my designated office space to have a certain aesthetic. If my desk doesn’t have a cohesive theme, it throws off my energy. I was online window shopping a few days ago and fell in love with the amount of cute office supplies I saw.


Product Details

  1. Kate Spade Gold Stripe File Folders
  2. Kate Spade Strike Gold Tape Dispenser
  3. Nate Berkus Stainless Steel Scissors
  4. Kate Spade Strike Gold Letter Tray
  5. Day Designer Black Stripe Designer
  6. ModCloth Pencils
  7. Kate Spade Strike Gold Stapler

Gold is my usual go-to when it comes to supplies or accessories, but the other option below also grabs my attention because of the pop of color against primarily black and white items.



Product Details

  1. Kate Spade Storage Boxes
  2. Kate Spade Daisy Business Card Holder
  3. Russell + Hazel Pen and Pencil Holder
  4. Kate Spade Daisy Pencil Cup Holder
  5. Kate Spade Emma Spiral Notebook
  6. Kate Spade Cross Pointe Clock
  7. Russell + Hazel Binder Rubberbands
  8. Kate Spade Whistle While You Work Tackle Box

Which theme is your favorite?

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