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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Let’s talk fur…faux fur.

At least 10 years ago, my sister asked for a red faux fur coat for Christmas. I had no idea why she so badly wanted a fur coat, especially considering Texas weather warrants the use of a fur coat maybe once or twice a year at the most. She got it, and as predicted, wore it out maybe once. Fast forward to today: it’s still hanging up in her closet back at our parents’ house, and I have completely fallen in love with faux fur. I almost want to call her and tell her she was way before her time, and try it on to see if it fits me. If you’ve shopped around lately, you’ve probably walked by a few different faux fur options in stores. They may not be practical for my geographic location, but this trend is incredibly chic and photogenic. I should have known I’d start eyeing a faux fur coat for myself since I was in love with the outfit Miley Cyrus wore to the Grammys this year. While I can’t bring myself to purchase the gorgeous trend, why not ogle from afar? The coats pictured above are some of my favorites on the market right now.

What do you think about faux fur coats? If it’s cold enough to rock one where you live, consider me jealous.

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