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Sometimes, little things like cute spirals or a decorative desk calendar can make the routine days of a 9 to 5 a tad brighter. I love to stock up on stylish office supplies, and all of these gems were found at Target. In case you haven’t made a trip there recently, Target has fully stocked their shelves with school supplies. For people in my age bracket, that means it’s time to peruse the aisles for fun ways to spruce up the office.

Target-Stationery-Haul-10 Cute-Fox-Spiral Embrace-Your-Style-Notebook Gold-Studded-Pencil-Pouch

Decorative spiral notebooks made up a majority of my purchase, but I also found a pencil pouch and calendar. I actually went to Target specifically to get a new desk calendar since mine ended at June, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Day Designer for Blue Sky collaboration was already in stock. If you’re interested in the Day Designer but don’t want to spend a lot for the original designs, the Blue Sky collaboration offers great alternatives. Some of the planners released even mirror popular Day Designer styles, such as the classic black and white striped cover. The pencil pouch is very cute. It’s a great size for holding supplies, makeup, or doubling as a wristlet. If the gold is too flashy for you, there’s also an edgy black version available.

Are you into stocking up when school supply season hits?


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