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Mid-year Beauty Favorites Giveaway NARS Huda Beauty Elizabeth and James-1Happy Friday!

If you missed the initial post since the blog’s monthlong break, hello! We’re (finally?) past the first half of 2017 so what better way to enter the latter half of the year than with a giveaway? I mentioned in Wednesday’s outfit post that I’d go over the giveaway later this week, so I’m here to hopefully answer any questions you may have.

How to Enter

To enter the mid-year giveaway, all you have to do is join the e-mail list by filling out this giveaway form.

Click here to access the giveaway form!

Filling out the form gives you the one required entry, but check your e-mail shortly after! There are 5 little actions you can take to gain up to 5 additional entries!

What’s Included

I mentioned that I handpicked these items because it’s a thank you to my subbies. The best way to say thank you personally in the form of a giveaway, to me, is to share products I love. As we’re midway through the year, this giveaway includes travel-friendly versions of my current favorites:

Giveaway Dates

The giveaway closes on July 12th, and the winner will be selected at 5:00 pm CST on Friday, July 13th. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll receive a special e-mail from me requesting your mailing address!

If you miss out on winning this giveaway, don’t worry! I have partnered with a brand to host a giveaway that I’ll announce next week, so you still have a chance at winning something!

I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend! Here’s the link to the form one more time!

Mid-year Beauty Favorites Giveaway NARS Huda Beauty Elizabeth and James-1

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