Has Real Fashion Disappeared?

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New York Fashion Week ended with a bang as Marc Jacobs displayed his self-titled collection down a dark and shipwrecked runway, where Cara Delevigne was finally spotted. Like other designers, Marc Jacobs styled his models with flat shoes. Similar to¬†dungarees, this style of wearing laidback shoes like sneakers and loafers aren’t leaving the mainstream fashion scene for at least another spring season. I must admit, it felt a bit odd watching high fashion runway models showcase top of the line designs with trainers, loafers, and various flat shoes cloaking their feet.

I’m nostalgic for heels. This post is not to say high heels were completely absent from NYFW, because there were still shows that displayed heeled sandals et al; however, flat shoes and sneakers were a noticeable offbeat trend.


It’s apparent from my outfit posts that I’m not exactly a “live in heels” kind of girl. I wear them maybe 6 times a month at most, simply because I am a girl of comfort and have a difficult time finding comfortable heels. Although they aren’t my first choice when it comes to my personal style, there’s something about seeing expensive clothing modeled down the runway in sky high, outlandish heels that was sorely lacking this year. That unattainable aspect was lost, and it made me wonder if that will ever return.

The glamorous aspect of a fashion show is that it is the dream to get lost in and wish it was your life: the unattainable, the artistic unrealistic, the overpriced yet acceptable, beautfiul one-time wear fashion. But with the 90s making a comeback, even the top designers have taken note. Gone are the killer heels with clothing made for editorials. In its place comes the accessible fashion. The fashion where you and I can visualize ourselves walking down that runway because the outfits are quite literally ready to wear. Is this the beginning of the end for artistic fashion? Is it now preserved solely for the couture shows? Are designers afraid to “go there” anymore and instead switched to giving the people what they want? Or is this quite simply a fleeting trend, only to be squashed within a few seasons? Judging by the lack of drama and boundary-pushing fashion at the MET Gala over the past few years, it’s hard to say.


Here’s to hoping that unattainable fashion makes a comeback.

What do you think? Are you appreciative of the realism in fashion? Do you miss the challenging fun of taking an outlandish outfit from the runway and using it to inspire a more wearable look?

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