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ULTA-Colorful-EyelinerHappy Friday! Do you ever rediscover an old item that sparks a renewed interest in a trend? This happened to me as I was packing for ACL a few weeks ago. I stumbled across a purple eyeliner and decided to wear it on my lower lash line. The beautiful outcome is what initiated this Ulta haul. I forgot how much I loved the subtle look of a colorful eyeliner on the lower lashline, especially since I always stick with neutral makeup.  So when I went to Ulta over the weekend and swatched a few of their brand’s eyeliner colors, I had to stock up.

The gel liner pencils usually run for $9 each, while the automatic pencils are usually $8 each. So why did I purchase so many within the same color range?

  1. The shades were too beautiful to pass up.
  2. Both products were on sale 3 for $9.

In store, I was really impressed by the consistency of the gel eye liner pencils, but the automatic pencils are what stole the show. I wore the blue automatic eyeliner in the shade Cobalt to work this week and didn’t have any problems with the smudging or staying power. Cobalt is a pretty true blue, so it’s subtle enough for work and is a softer option to black eyeliner. While I haven’t tested out the wear time for the gel liners just yet, I plan on playing around with the colors this weekend to see which ones pop and which ones flop.


The swatches above start with 4 gel liners and end with 2 automatic liners. Colors from left to right: Denim, Starry Night, Peacock, Moss, Cobalt, Teal Blue

What do you think about colorful eyeliner?