How to | Make a Mood Board

So today I’m going to walk you through a few easy steps of making a mood board. I’ve actually posted about this before, but a few things have changed so I decided to make an updated version. What exactly is a mood board? You may call it a vision board, inspiration board, collage, etc. but it is essentially a board filled with things that inspire you that all fall under a similar theme. You may or may not include words and quotes on the board, but pictures are a must. I originally had “Live. Breathe. Fashion.” overtop, but opted out of including the words on mine because I liked the way it looked better without them. Ready to get started?
tools-needed step-one step-two step-two-part-two step-three step-three-part-three step-four step-five Once you’re finished, just hang it up with a few nails and it should look something like the pictures below. I usually make a new fashion mood board in the spring and fall seasons only. finished-fashion-mood-board final-result-mood-board


Do you enjoy making mood boards? Where do you go to find your inspiration?