How to Organize Your Closet – Part Three

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** If missed, catch up on the first two parts of this series: Part One | Part Two **

Congratulations if you’ve made it this far! The hard part is over! Since you now have your beautifully organized closet filled with only the clothes you love, it’s time to get rid of that laundry bag we tossed to the side in the second post. Got it? Good.

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This is essentially the “clean up” part of the organization series, and you have two different options for accomplishing it. Option one is quick and easy, and option two requires a few extra steps…but can give you a little cash in your pocket. Let’s get started:

Option One – Donate

If you simply don’t have the energy to go through more clothes, all you have to do is pack up the laundry bag and hit the road! Head to your nearest donation center and get rid of all the clothes and/or shoes that didn’t make the cut. It’s important to do this sooner rather than later, as you’re more inclined to talk yourself into keeping items if they’re still in your household.

Donate to places such as:

Option Two – Sell & Donate

If you’re interested in possibly earning a few dollars for your clothing, first take your clothes to a consignment shop! Some shops are fairly picky by only buying the items that are still on trend, so you may or may not want to sort a donate versus sell pile. I’m pretty familiar with what shops will and will not take, so I like to take this extra step before heading to the first stop. Anything that isn’t brand name or in season goes into the donate pile. Whether or not you choose to do a little extra sorting, always go to the consignment shops first. They rarely take every single item you bring in, so the remainder can get donated. One important thing to note with consignment shops is the amount of money you’ll receive. It’s not beneficial to go with just one or two things, as you’ll walk away with maybe nine bucks. Be aware that a blouse may have cost you $40, but you certainly aren’t going to get that amount back…you won’t even get half. Walk into the shop with a mindset of anything you receive being an added bonus.

Consignment shops to try out:

Once you’ve returned with a little extra cash and the clothes that were declined from the consignment shop, add them to your donation bag and send them off to the donation places from option one. After that, your closet organizing project is officially complete!

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