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cute iphone case collection

I have a love of iPhone cases. When I was putting together this post, I was actually surprised with the amount of phone cases I have. I thought I would have maybe 6 or 7 since I had to switch them all out after upgrading from the 4 to the 5, but I have a total of 13 (12 pictured, 1 MIA) cases that fit my current phone. This post is purely to serve as inspiration, as I love to see where other people buy their cases and how the styles reflect their personality.

I used to have a ton of Wildflower cases when I had my 4, but when I switched to the 5 I had to rebuild my collection. For now I have the tie-dye one that I won from the summer contest, and the donut one that I purchased on Black Friday. I really want to purchase another floral one, as I used to have the original and cream floral cases that I loved and wore into the ground. If you’ve never purchased from them before, I definitely recommend giving their brand a shot. I’ve posted a review before, but in short: they are extremely nice people with extremely sturdy cases.

My gawdy bejeweled cases are surprisingly my favorites at the moment, most likely because I just purchased them a few days ago from Claire’s of all places. I never liked the bejeweled case look so I’m still kind of in shock that my sister somehow persuaded me to fall in love with them. I also have a couple of cases from Kate Spade, which is slowly becoming a top brand of mine for accessories like tech cases and watches. Scroll through the pics to see each case:

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Phone Details (in order of Slider)

  1. American Eagle Geo Print Case
  2. Claire’s Chain Bracelet Case
  3. Claire’s Black Bow Studded Case
  4. Claire’s Bubblegum Pink Pearl Heart Case
  5. Kate Spade New York Case
  6. Kate Spade Kick Up Your Heels Case
  7. Mall Kiosk Clear Back Case
  8. Target Cat Face Case
  9. Victoria’s Secret Pinstripe Case
  10. Walmart Mustache Case
  11. Wildflower Donut Case
  12. Wildflower Tie-Dye Case

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Where are your favorite places to shop for cute phone cases?

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