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Hi, I'm Chelsey


By the time you’re reading this, I should hopefully be in the air, en route to Las Vegas! I say hopefully because the Austin airport was severely impacted by the previous week’s flooding, and they’re still playing catch up. If you’d like to stay updated with the trip, you can follow along via Snapchat: chelseytanisha. Today, I wanted to share a quick snapshot of what I’m taking to the airport as well as my travel clothes.

The Carry-On

My carry-on bag may look full, but it’s actually pretty empty. As you can tell from the writing, the sparkly carry-on bag is from Victoria’s Secret. It’s totally my style and I pretty much lucked out with getting it, as it was their promo gift when I purchased my fall scents. What’s in the bag?

  • Winter coat
  • Pillow
  • Camera
  • 50mm lens
  • 2 Portable chargers

And that’s it! The coat takes up so much room that it helped to bulk up the bag. That’s the one downside of traveling outside of Texas during the cooler months: you have to take into consideration that it’s cold everywhere else.

The Travel Clothes

I am the girl who will not wear leggings. I know they’re everyone’s go-to item for winter looks and travel attire, but I do not have a desire to wear leggings when there are perfectly good black jeggings that are just as comfortable and actually are pants. Also, finding shirts that are long enough to cover the backside of leggings really shortens my already short stature. For my travel clothes, I’m sticking to the basics:

  • Easy V-Neck
  • Zara Jeggings
  • Flat Boots (I’m also a no to UGGs girl)
  • Sunglasses

Our flight is earlier than sunrise, which means it’s going to be cold. While quick slip-on shoes are perfect for the airport, I choose an old pair of Steve Madden boots to keep warm. Lastly, I always have a book on hand when I fly. I love to read, but it’s hard to find time on the average day. Flights are ideal for reading since the time goes by faster that way, so this time I’m taking #GIRLBOSS.


What do you like to travel in?

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