3 Ways to Create a Fresh Start Before the New Year

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3 Things to Do Before the New Year-1I’m currently writing this post in my phone’s Notes app while jogging on the treadmill because that’s what it means to be an adult. Truly, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day so I like to double up on tasks where I can. If I had the crockpot cooking at home, I’d feel unstoppable. While the new year is still a little over a week away, now is the time to get ahead of the curve. Who wants to spend the new year getting rid of last year’s baggage when you can empty the trash before the clock strikes midnight? Granted, some of the execution will need to be done in the new year simply because of time constraints, but at the very least you can go into the year with a clear plan. 

I always feel better at the start of the year when I already know what’s on my checklist. It’s even better when some of the tasks are already done by the time we enter the new year. There are 3 things I like to do prior to the new year to ensure I enter the year with a clear head and a sense of direction.

3 Things to Do Before the New Year

1. Clear out your e-mail accounts and start the year with an inbox of zero.

Listen, I know it’s hard and one of those “I’ll get to it eventually” tasks. Just think of how amazing it’ll feel when you hit inbox zero! I pretty exclusively check my e-mail on my phone, but cleanup is when I head straight to a computer. It’s much more efficient to delete in bulk with the click of a button instead of having to tap+select each individual e-mail. To make life a little easier, break the cleanup into chunks throughout the day. Tackle one e-mail account at a time, and save yourself the added headache in the future by removing yourself from any unsolicited subscriptions during the process.

2. Plan ahead and schedule out the month of January with all of your top priorities.

The point of a planner is to plan ahead. Particularly for the start of a new year, you want to get all of your ducks in a row before the month hits. So ask yourself: what’s your top priority? Once you’ve identified that (which can also be your resolution), break it into smaller tasks you can complete throughout the month. If you want to declutter your home, designate a day in the month to tackle each room. Looking to revamp your style? Schedule a day to clean your closet, donate old items, and curate an inspiration board. Whatever your priorities are, you have to make a plan to make sure there’s follow-through.

P.S. Check out this post if you need help getting organized.

3. Clean your makeup brushes.

Yet another task we know we should do, but it can fall to the wayside. I’m not as consistent with cleaning my makeup brushes as I’d like to be, so I’d at least like to make sure they start the new year off fresh. If you’re going out for NYE like I am, you can still do it! Just make sure to wash your brushes after you apply your NYE makeup so they can start drying while you’re out on the town.

What do you plan to do before the New Year?

3 Things to Do Before the New Year-1

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