How to Find Your Signature Jewelry Style feat. Brook and York

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Hi, I'm Chelsey

I talk a lot about clothes, but it’s time to shine a light on the little accessories that add flair to even the most basic outfits: jewelry! Personally, I have come a long way with my jewelry preferences. During the ’00s fashion era, I was the queen of costume jewelry. I’d match my earrings to my bracelet, which would color-coordinate with my top, which would also color-coordinate with my bag. Thankfully, my jewelry style has evolved and mellowed out over the years.

brook and york signature jewelry style

If your jewelry style is still up in the air, I’m here to help! Today’s post is in partnership with one of my favorite jewelry brands, Brook & York. If you’re unfamiliar, Brook & York is an American-made and American-inspired jewelry brand that offers free personalization on a wide variety of their pieces. They are one of my favorite jewelry brands because they offer versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down, which is something I prefer with my fashion and jewelry.

I’m sharing a peek inside my jewelry collection while helping you find your new signature style! Best of all, you can shop Brook & York after finding your perfect style and use code VENTI for an additional 15% off your purchase!

brook and york signature jewelry style

How to Find Your Perfect Jewelry

Is your jewelry all over the place without any sort of cohesive aesthetic? Do you have a drawer filled with costume jewelry you barely wear? It’s time to declutter and find your jewelry identity! Brook and York is the perfect place to shop around for signature jewelry because not only are they affordable, but you can also add a personal touch to many of their pieces.

When shopping the site, there are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you prefer gold, silver, or rose gold jewelry?
  • Are you into statement pieces or delicate styles?
  • Where do you plan to wear your jewelry?
  • Which jewelry pieces do you gravitate towards? Earrings, necklaces, or bracelets?

Answering the questions above will give you a starting point while browsing Brook & York’s website. The initial images shown are all gold, but most of their jewelry comes in silver and rose gold options for those of you who prefer it! The jewelry is also categorized by type to make your shopping experience easy.

brook and york signature jewelry style

My Signature Jewelry Style

If you’re still a little overwhelmed with nailing down your jewelry style, take a look at mine! Answering the questions posed earlier, I would define my jewelry style as minimal gold.

  • I prefer gold jewelry, but also like to wear rose gold on occasion.
  • Between statement or delicate, I definitely prefer delicate jewelry.
  • I wear my jewelry everywhere, so I look for practical pieces.
  • When it comes to the product type, I love them all! Earrings and rings are my favorites, but I also love a great necklace or a solid bracelet.

Personally, I like to have 1-2 pieces that I wear daily and a few add-ons to wear with them when the occasion calls for extra flair. Brook & York make up a large majority of my jewelry collection because they offer a selection that fits my minimal, delicate preference. My go-to picks for the office are small hoop earrings and a dainty necklace. On the weekend, I like to choose larger hoop earrings and layer on two necklaces. When my outfit doesn’t have a lot of layers, like in today’s look, I’ll also stack delicate bracelets for added interest.

brook and york signature jewelry style


The Brook & York Starter Kit

If you don’t recall, my first introduction to the brand was a few years ago through their Coordinate Cuff Bracelet that I customized with the location to one of my favorite memories. Fast forward to 2019 and it’s still one of my favorite pieces. The custom coordinates added to the bracelet makes the piece extra special.

Since being introduced to the brand back then, I have built up a mini collection that I absolutely love! My most recent addition is their long Roman Numeral Bar Necklace that I customized with my birthday. I like that it’s a longer necklace that can be stacked with my shorter pieces or worn alone. Unsure where to begin? Let my collection be your starter kit! Below are the pieces I have and recommend:

Don’t forget, you can use code VENTI to get 15% off your Brook & York purchase!

What’s your must-have style?

brook and york signature jewelry style


FTC: This post is sponsored by Brook & York. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

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