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Hi, I'm Chelsey

The gloomy weather has put me in a bit of a slump as far as inspiration and photography goes. It’s not that it’s impossible to shoot when the clouds are grey, I’m just very picky and not a huge fan of how much photo editing is required to make cloudy sky photos look a little happier. With the slump in mind, I picked up a few books from that will be great to flip through for inspiration. The one pictured in this post is one I’m sure you’ve all heard of in some for or another. I like “Humans of New York” a bit more than standard street style books, although I do love those as well. This book isn’t focused on fashion, it’s a photography book centered around capturing the lives various people with a single photo. The photographer, Brandon Stanton, has a chat with the people he shoots and usually captions the photo with a piece of the conversation.

I have a goal today of staying in and updating my mood board for Spring fashion inspiration. Sundays are my favorite blogging days, and today is no different. Yesterday I had an amazing time with my friends, but it always feels nice to come back home and relax. We had a bachelorette painting party/dinner thing that carried on later than we planned because of how much fun it was, and ended up shopping and finally calling it a night after winding down at a friend’s apartment . Walking through the mall with them is when I stopped in Urban and grabbed this book.

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