Floral Graphic Tee + Cropped Trousers

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Zara Floral Graphic Tee and Topshop Cropped TrousersZara Floral Graphic Tee and Topshop Cropped TrousersZara Floral Graphic Tee and Topshop Cropped TrousersZara Floral Graphic Tee and Topshop Cropped TrousersWhat I’m wearing: Zara tee (similar) | Topshop trousers | Tory Burch flats | AJ Morgan sunglasses

Happy Monday! I’m technically still on vacation in Vegas right now, but we’re killing time waiting to check in to our second hotel so I figured why not write a post?

Todays outfit showcases my ideal outfit when it comes to wearing trousers. Business casual never includes graphic tees so I don’t often get the chance to wear this mix, but I like the combination of a printed tee with trousers. The floral graphic tee is something I purchased from Zara a year or two ago, but I’ve started grabbing it more than usual this spring.

As you may begin to notice the further into spring and summer we get, I love to wear prints. While solid trousers can be paired with a simple white or black tee, it looks more fashion forward when you step out of the box and bend the rules a little. Add flair with a patterned top or a graphic t-shirt.

Pairing two things that typically don’t go together can work well if you have an eye for which colors compement each other. I’ll delve into the details in a later post, but for now I hope this outfit inspires you to mix business trousers with a weekend top.

What do you think of the mix?

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