Velvet Bodysuit + Leather Jacket

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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Topshop Floral Lace Velvet Bodysuit-1 Topshop Floral Lace Velvet Bodysuit-1 Topshop Floral Lace Velvet Bodysuit-1 Topshop Floral Lace Velvet Bodysuit-1

What I’m Wearing: Topshop bodysuit | Forever 21 pants (similar) | Steve Madden boots| | Target hat | BlankNYC jacket

Monday already? Is it just me or did this weekend come and go in what felt like the span of 30 minutes? They say time flies when you’re having fun, which must be true because I certainly enjoyed my extended weekend. With it being the last weekend before Christmas and the only weekend left in the year without an actual holiday, I was busy spending time with friends and circling back to my year-end checklist. I have so many things I want to do before the year ends, so my goal is to check one task off the list by the end of each day. While it sounds pretty reasonable in theory, a lot of my tasks and projects on the list require large chunks of time, so I have a busy few weeks ahead.

On the social side, I spent the weekend hanging out with friends and celebrating Friendsmas. Because we couldn’t all meet on a single day due to scheduling conflicts (ah, adulting) we ended up breaking the event into two parts–a night out at dinner followed by a morning brunch. Today’s look is what I ended up wearing for the Friendsmas dinner. While I am not a diehard fan of velvet, Topshop stole my heart with this velvet bodysuit. Not only is it in my favorite color (also available in blue), but it has a neckline peppered with a beautiful floral lace applique. It caught my attention online, but seeing it in store and actually trying it on is what closed the sale. After bouncing a few ideas back and forth with one of my friends whose style I love, I ended up pairing the bodysuit with a pair of old riding pants from Forever 21. The hat is a new purchase that I added to keep the outfit from having too much of a Grease vibe.

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