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Who says you need to put away the day dresses, tanks, and crop tops just because Fall is near? With a few quick swaps and additions, you can take any article of clothing from one season to the next. Today, I’m showing one example with one of my favorites: a striped tank.

basic-tank-in-summerBefore – The Summer Look

This outfit was featured on the site last week as an outfit of the day, so now you all see what I was alluding to in the intro of that post. As you can see, the look screams summer. To break it down, we have:

  • Open shoulders
  • Ripped denim shorts
  • Summery, out of your face hairstyle
  • Vibrant pink lipstick
  • Bright, summer nails
  • Open-toed below the knee sandals

For the most part, this exact outfit isn’t ideal for Fall. While you are fully in cover up mode, you want the option. You need the option of being able to switch from chilly to cool, and your layers start to increase. As for beauty, the shades start to follow the pattern of nature: the brights are swapped for rich earthy tones.

styling-tank-top-for-fallAfter – The Fall Look

This is the final look, which very easily looks appropriate for Fall. I’m still wearing my favorite tank top and keeping some of the styles the same, I just switched the products out for weather-appropriate articles:

  • Adding a long cardigan and scarf adds a layer to cover the shoulders as it gets chilly into the night.
  • Instead of wearing ripped shorts, wearing ripped jeans keeps the same style while covering up the legs.
  • Humidity isn’t a huge issue in the Fall, so loose hair is a comfortable hairstyle.
  • Keeping with the change of hue in nature, swapping a bright pink for a deep red stays on trend while looking appropriate with the season.
  • The same goes for nails: Swap bright summer shades for an earthy or berry hue.
  • Love the height of gladiators? Switch them for below the knee flat boots instead.

Summer-to-Fall-Basic-Tank-Styling-1 Summer-to-Fall-Basic-Tank-Styling-3 Summer-to-Fall-Basic-Tank-Styling-1-3 Summer-to-Fall-Basic-Tank-Styling-2-3Transition Pieces

To achieve this look, there are a few transition pieces you’ll need. I’ve added a few options of each below:

  • Cardigan – Option 1, 2, 3
  • Infinity scarf – Option 1, 2, 3
  • Boots – Option 1, 2, 3
  • Berry lipstick¬†– Option 1, 2, 3
  • Ripped jeans – Option 1, 2, 3

What are some tips you have for transitioning your favorite summer pieces into the cooler months?

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