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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Styling a Sweatshirt with Heels-1Styling a Sweatshirt with Heels-1 Styling a Sweatshirt with Heels-1 Styling a Sweatshirt with Heels-1 Styling a Sweatshirt with Heels-1 Styling a Sweatshirt with Heels-1 What I’m Wearing: Amuse sweatshirt (similar) | Urban Outfitters jeans | Giuseppe Zanotti heels (similar) | Celine sunglasses

Happy Friday! Before I talk about my outfit, how many of you watch How to Get Away with Murder? Listen, I love Thursdays now that Scandal is back and I have something to watch before HTGAWM…but can we talk about how fast this season felt? It seems like there’s maybe a 2-3 week time period where both shows are airing, and then it’s already time for the HTGAWM finale. I’ll admit that the shorter format really works for the show because I think it will feel long and drawn out if it went to the 20-episode format, but I’m not ready to let go of this season!

Anyway, today’s outfit is the dressed up option for the casual girl. It’s hard to describe my style in a quick phrase, but essentially I’d say I fall along the casual and clean chic spectrum with a mix of edge and femininity. This outfit is one that makes me feel very much like my personal style is truly represented because it mixes all aspects of my style, but overall remains clean. You don’t have to limit heels to blouses and dresses. As long as the outfit itself is in balance, heels can be styled with anything. A sweatshirt and jeans can be super casual with a pair of sneakers, but I added heels to dress it up a bit and I love the outcome.

How do you dress up a sweatshirt?

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