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To caveat off the fall boot shopping guide, here is a guide for your perfect fall handbag. What good is a new shoe without a corresponding handbag? I used to have a different bag for every outfit back in high school, and then I went through a phase of just wanting one go-to bag. Now, I’ve reached a happy middle between the two. While I am not as extreme with matching my bag to each outfit of the day anymore, I have started to rebuild a collection of handbag staples. For this fall season, here are my picks to help guide your wardrobe to seasonal success:

The Large Tote

Ted Baker at ShopStyle

Why You Need It

  • Cooler months and large bags mix beautifully together
  • The style is classic and pairs well with every outfit
  • The size enables you to keep a variety of things on-hand at all times
  • You can spice up the bag by tying your scarf around the handle when you aren’t wearing it

Top 4 Totes

  • The Steal: Get it while you can! The 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target large tote is amazing quality with an affordable price tag. | Shop it here |
  • The Splurge: Celine totes are what fashionista dreams are made of. A Celine tote is my pick for the splurge investment. | Shop it here |
  • The Classic: Michael Kors is the go-to tote. It’s a classic because of the simplistic design that will outlast trend after trend each season. | Shop it here |
  • The Statement: Kate Spade is known for young, fun designs. The brand has a polka dot and mixed media printed tote out right now that adds a youthful attitude to any outfit. | Shop it here |

The Crossbody

Carven at ShopStyle

Why You Need It

  • It’s an easy bag. Throw it across your shoulder and go.
  • Some days you don’t want to carry around all of your necessities.
  • For the cool nights when a lot of layers are needed, the crossbody won’t add bulk.
  • You can get a crazy print and have it act as a pop of color rather than a huge distraction.

Top 4 Crossbody Bags

  • The Steal: Urban Outfitters has a solid crossbody available in a variety of colors for only $29. I purchased a crossbody last year from them for the same low price and still use it to this day. | Shop it here |
  • The Splurge: Marc by Marc Jacobs is my pick for a splurge. Crossbody bags should stay in a reasonable price range of $200 or less, but if you want to spend a little more for a great brand Marc Jacobs is the top choice. | Shop it here |
  • The Classic: The Chanel Flap Bag is the ultimate classic. It’s a major investment that will never go out of style. | Shop it here |
  • The Statement: Jonathan Adler makes great bags that have fun designs on them to bring a conversation starter to any look. | Shop it here |

The Trendy Bag: Clear, ID, etc.


Why You Need It

  • At least one bag in your wardrobe should divert from the norm
  • A trendy bag keeps a vintage look modern
  • It keeps you from getting stuck in a comfortable rut

Top 3 Trendy Bags

  • The Steal: Forever 21 is the perfect place for affordable bags. They currently carry a white studded clutch that is a trendy piece for nighttime wear. | Shop it here |
  • The Splurge: The Joie Darcy Clutch is considered a splurge for trendy bags, as trendy items should stay within a low price range. This is worth the slight splurge because it’s a military green color that can be worn throughout multiple seasons. | Shop it here |
  • The Statement: A happy and sad kitty bag? So trendy, so cute, and so inexpensive. | Shop it here |

The Clutch


Why You Need It

  • It will add a chic touch to your outfit
  • Sometimes it isn’t practical to have a strappy bag
  • It’s still large enough to hold your basics
  • Like the crossbody, the clutch is a size that can have a crazy print without making an outfit look busy.

Top 3 Clutches

  • The Steal: Forever 21 has an oversized clutch that can be worn 2 different ways depending on how you hold it. It’s less than $20 and large enough to fit your essentials. | Shop it here |
  • The Splurge: My pick for the splurge is a foldover python clutch from Primary. It’s a good size, and the color is wearable for every season, which is important when deciding to splurge on something. | Shop it here |
  • The Statement: Floral print mixed with studs creates a statement. Urban Outfitters has a clutch with the bold blend for an affordable price. | Shop it here |

What’s your favorite handbag style for Fall?

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