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Fashion is inspired by everything that surrounds us; art, music, seasons, etc. It’s no surprise that the ground we walk on serves as inspiration, too. Lately, there has been a focus on animals and nature in the fashion world. Have you noticed the cute little animal graphic sweaters at Nordstrom?

The easiest way to introduce a trend into your wardrobe is by starting with accessories. I encourage you to test out nature-inspired jewelry because it’s a timeless thing to have and can simply be worn overtop your current wardrobe. All jewelry in this post is from Chloe+Isabel.


Get the Animal Look

The pieces in ‘Animal Style’ are perfect for the trendy girls. They are subtle enough to be worn as everyday pieces, but still make a statement. Try pairing these pieces with casual looks like  jeans and a tee or a chunky sweater with leggings.

  1. Little Bird Stud Earrings
  2. Fox + Feather Long Pendant Necklace 
  3. Fauna Double Layer Pendant Necklace
  4. Mouse Stud Earrings
  5. Fox Wrap Ring
  6. Pavé Snake Ring
  7. Owl in Flight Statement Necklace – Limited Edition!
  8. Petite Fox Stud Earrings



Get the Floral Look

The pieces in ‘Floral Garden’ are for the outgoing girls. Not afraid to make a statement? Try one of these very colorful pieces out, as they’ll make great conversation starters. The floral pieces look best with a solid maxi dress, but you can also make a solid fitted tee pop with a bold necklace and harem pants.

  1. Vintage Florets Double Drop Pendant
  2. Deco Flower Earrings
  3. Briar Rose Bouquet Ring
  4. Hothouse Blooms Statement NecklaceLimited Edition!
  5. Deco Crystal Flower Ring
  6. Multi Charm Garden Cuff



Get the Leaf Look

The pieces in ‘Naughty by Nature’ are for the classic lovers. Is most of your jewelry dainty and simple? Leaves and branches fit perfectly with that style of jewelry. These pieces will add charm to your collection without overpowering your outfits. As the most versatile of the three, this collection can be paired with casual clothes, professional wear, and everything in between.

  1. Cluster Leaf Necklace
  2. Sculpted Feather Bib Necklace
  3. Two-Tone Feather Wrap Ring
  4. Pavé Branch Bangle(s)
  5. Coral Branch Cuff
  6. Sculpted Feather Drop Earrings


Which collection is your favorite? I personally love the naughty by nature pieces and could see myself wearing each one as an everyday item.

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