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Today’s post is a quick snapshot to share what came in the mail. The Organix Beauty brand was kind enough to send me a few items from Proganix Quench, a line within their pro-series hair care range. So what does this mean for you?

Glad you asked! But seriously, what this means for you is a review in the near future. I received this product around 3 weeks ago and have experimented with each item a few times; however, I want to use each product consistently for a longer period of time to provide you all with an in-depth review. Will this line dethrone my all-time favorite hair care line? Will this work for straight hair? What about curly hair? What’s the best way to use each product? These are all questions that will have an answer the next time you read about the line on this site.

For now, let’s take a quick peek at what’s inside:

  1. Proganix Quench Moisturizing + Nourish Shampoo
  2. Proganix Quench Moisturizing + Nourish Shampoo
  3. Proganix Quench Moisture Balm
  4. Proganix Quench Moisturizing + Nourish Leave-In

Proganix-Quench-Hair-Product-Line-5 Proganix-Quench-Hair-Product-Line-8 Proganix-Quench-Hair-Product-Line-6 Proganix-Quench-Hair-Product-Line-7While you’ll have to wait a little longer to get my opinion (as it’s still forming), one thing I’ll leave you with is this: IT. SMELLS. AMAZING. The line is marketed towards after-summer hair care, so it focuses on hydration through h20 and coconut water. The coconut water is what immediately caught my attention and made me excited to test out each product. The smell is heavenly, and smells just like a tropical summer day.

Which product are you most curious about? Have you used anything from the Organix or Proganix line?

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me as courtesy of Organix Beauty. Although the product was gifted, I am not being paid (or expected) to review, promote, or discuss this product on any platform. All opinions, now and in the future, are my own. 

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