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Happy Monday! As you can probably tell from my recent content, I went to California earlier this month for Beautycon LA! Jon, DeAnna, and I had a lot of fun in California for the few days we were there! I’m very new to vlogging, so I hope I was able to capture enough interesting footage from each day for you all to see!

As a sidebar, let me just say…vlogging while traveling is tough! I hope to find my groove as I practice more, but I found it difficult to remember to vlog a lot of the time. To all the regular vloggers out there, I tip my hat off to you.

This was my second time both in California and at Beautycon, so it was nice to go back and hit all the spots we didn’t get to last year. This time around, we stayed in Koreatown at The Line Hotel. I love to know the hotel people choose when they travel because that part can be very stressful during the planning process. If you feel the same way, I can share that I would definitely recommend staying at The Line if you make a trip up to California. Although it’s further away from the beach, I actually liked the location. The staff was so kind and friendly, they called us to check-in several hours before the true check-in time. I’m also a sucker for floor-to-ceiling windows, so The Line is an automatic win.

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Venti Fashion in LA | Beautycon, Runyon, Pump, etc.

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