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I think this is my second or third “what’s in my bag” post, but it always seems appropriate to create an updated version when a new bag is purchased. Getting a new bag is like having a fresh start on organization. All of my purses tend to become a refrigerator and receipt receptacle; however, this one I am definitely making the effort to keep as tidy as possible for obvious reasons. I mentioned in a previous snapshot post that I finally purchased my first investment bag, which is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. I was using the Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody for the most part before this, so I didn’t have a wallet. Now that I have a large tote that I’m willing to carry around again, I went out and purchased a wallet as well. I had intentions of getting the vertical zippy wallet by Marc Jacobs, but instead opted for the newer snap button style with this season’s branding. So what else do I keep in my bag aside from my wallet?bag-overview

  • Emoji Stickers (borrowed from a friend)
  • Pencil Case with pens, highlighters, and post-it notes
  • KIND snack bar
  • Bath & Body Works ‘Beautiful Day’ lotion and body spray
  • iPhone (wearing American Eagle case)
  • Mini notebook for ideas and to-do lists
  • Makeup bag (from Forever 21)
  • MBMJ wallet (from Neiman Marcus)

I keep pretty standard things in my bag. It isn’t pictured since I had to use it, but I also carry my camera in my bag on the weekends. I used to keep a planner on hand at all times so I can stay organized. Recently, I’ve switched back over to just keeping a notebook. The notebook works best for me because I tend to move things around or complete things out of order. It’s just easier to scratch through a generic checklist rather than plan out a post or event by date and have something come up and reschedule it in my calendar. I always try to keep food in my bag just in case I’m out longer than I intend to be (which happens a lot) and get hungry without having any chance of a food stop in the near future.



What do you keep in your bag?

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