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From now until 11:59:59 on 12/25/2014, I am pretty much Cindy Lou Who. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I love this time of year because it’s filled with family, friends, cold weather, and the gift of giving. It’s always fun to shop for other people, but what if the people you’re shopping for have no idea what they want for Christmas? Depending on their personality and their interests, there’s something out there for everyone. I’ve compiled a list of items that will make wonderful gifts for your loved ones, broken down by category:

  1. The Makeup Obsessed
  2. The Social Media Guru
  3. The Book Lover
  4. The Music Enthusiast
  5. The Fashionista
  6. The Health Nut
  7. The Coffee Drinker


The Makeup Obsessed

If I’m being perfectly honest, the makeup obsessed friend is my favorite person to shop for. Why? Because it’s easy, fun, and comes in a wide price range. My makeup loving friends don’t live in the same city as me, but that’s not stopping me from getting a few beauty goodies for family members. If you have a friend who keeps up with the latest beauty products, can name 10 Youtube beauty gurus without skipping a beat, or has the Sephora VIB Rouge card, check out a few of the items below to add to their stocking:

The Social Media Guru

Do you have a friend that’s on their phone nonstop? Always looking for the newest social media app? If they’re a tech savvy person who has mastered the art of social media, use that talent as inspiration for their gift.

The Book Lover

Have a friend that loves the feeling of a book in their hands rather than an electronic version? Try adding one (or more) of these books under the tree. Even if they’re more of a coffee table book lover, there’s something out right now for everyone:


The Music Enthusiast

Everything old is new again. Now that record players have made a successful comeback, new vinyls make for great gifts. But what if your music loving friend doesn’t own a record player? Not a problem, there are plenty of other music related gifts out there to love:


The Fashionista

Is there a friend you go to for style advice? Can you count on them to know what the latest trends are? If you answered yes to those questions, you have a fashionista friend. While you will have to coyly grab their clothing and/or shoe size, any fashionista would love to have one of these items as a gift:


The Health Nut

I actually have quite a few health nut friends, self included. If you know anyone that reads the ingredients before taking a bite of something, or cringes at the thought of packaged smoothies, impress their nutritious side with one of these great items:


The Coffee Drinker

If you have a friend that makes a pitstop to Starbucks before getting the day started, try adding one of these coffee-related gifts to their stocking:


Have you put a dent in your Christmas shopping yet? I’m almost finished with mine, but there’s always room for more gift ideas.

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