15 Necklaces Perfect for Layering

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Hi, I'm Chelsey

layering-necklaces When it comes to fashion, I tend to pick one or two things each season and get stuck in a phase of consistently wearing them.

  • Spring/Summer 2013: Midi Rings (x)
  • Fall/Winter 2014: Red lips (x)
  • Spring/Summer 2014: Flowers and Day Dresses (x)

As my mind transitions to fall–yes, I have already started the countdown to fall (fashion)–I’ve noticed what my newest phase may become: layering necklaces. It all started when I came across my favorite Chloe + Isabel Tresors necklace. It comes with three chains of different lengths, and can be customized with different charms. The triple chains allow variety and give off the look of wearing more than one necklace even though you actually aren’t. Lately, I go the extra mile and add a clock necklace from Forever 21 into the mixture since they have the same tone. So far, my collection of long necklaces is limited. I’d love to grow it even more so I can switch up my accessories. Below are 15 necklaces I that will be perfect for layering:

How to Wear:

  • My first preferred way of styling layered necklaces is by keeping the rest of the outfit simple with solid colors. For a laidback day, throw the necklaces overtop an oversized plain t-shirt and destroyed jeans.
  • Going for something that’s still casual but a little more put together? Try a fitted v-neck with chino shorts and heeled sandals.
  • Aiming for bohemian? A flowy maxi dress with stacked necklaces and beachy hair looks effortlessly cool.

How would you style layered necklaces?

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