The Fashion Trends to Ditch in 2020

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Happy New Year! I realize I have been writing a new blog post every day so far this week, but I’m back with another one to kick off the new year! I’m also here to level-set your expectations and let you know that a blog post a day is not the new normal, I just had a lot to say this week. Today, we’re talking about trends to ditch this year. The disclaimer goes without saying, but this list is not the end-all-be-all–it’s simply what I plan on either leaving in the past or making a conscious effort to decrease.

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The Ditch List | Trends to Leave in the Past

1) Mass Consumption

I spent the last few weeks of 2019 stepping away from social media and focusing on getting rid of excess. As much as I love fashion, there is nothing more overwhelming to me than having an overstuffed closet yet nothing to wear. The closet declutter resulted in 6 bags of clothes to donate, which lets me know that I had entirely too many things in my closet at one time. I have definitely improved with shopping over the years, but I still feel like I have more room to grow. Just because something is new, shiny, and sparkly, it doesn’t mean I actually need it.

Swap it with Conscious Shopping

While I will still shop at high street fashion stores like Zara and Topshop because they are both in my budget and have decent quality, I am definitely decreasing the number of new items I bring in each season. My primary focus is to shop my closet more often than not and strategically shop the stores when I want to incorporate trends. My first step is breaking the habit of shopping out of convenience by going on a no-buy! This month, I am not buying any new fashion or beauty products. The only exceptions for this month are things that I regularly use and run out of during the no-buy. If you want to make a tiny step towards shopping consciously, join me in the 30-day challenge!

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2) Excessive Leopard Print

I always have, and always will be, a fan of animal print. With that being said, leopard print as the focal point of the outfit took center stage in 2019 and I…need a break. It’s time to let leopard print breathe a little bit and use it as an accent rather than the primary look. The leopard slip skirts and dresses will be left in the past, but I’ll definitely bring my shoes and bags in the future.

Swap it with Polka Dots

Polka dots are so timeless and so easy to style, yet they aren’t as loud as an animal print. I prefer a traditional black and white polka dot pattern, but colorful options can also make a statement. This year, I want to play around with more classic prints and style them in a way that fits my environment.

fashion trends to leave in the new year

3) Chunky Sneakers

If you read last year’s Trends to Ditch post, then you may recall that chunky sneakers made my “keep it” list. I loved the trend in 2018 and wasn’t quite ready to let them go, so I still wore my sneakers loud and proud last year. This time around, I’ve had my fill of the chunky sneaker trend and I’m ready to ditch them in 2020.

Swap it with Puffy Sleeves

This year, I’m swapping the volume in my sneakers with volume in my sleeves. I love the drama in a puffy sleeve, and volume will be big in 2020. Let’s embrace it!

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4) Logo Mania

The past two years revolved around branded clothing. Some items were really cute, but a lot of them were styled in a “new money” kind of way that just wasn’t my personal taste. I neither love nor hate the logo mania trend, but I don’t plan on bringing it with me in the new year. Clean lines, literal patterns, and texture will be my focus. It’s not about the brand, after all, it’s how you style it.

Swap it with Neutral Tones

This swap isn’t a direct correlation or anything, but it’s simply a more toned down option. As I get older, I start to appreciate the ease of neutral tones. After cleaning out my closet, I realized that I owned a lot of colorful pieces that were only worn a handful of times. In 2020, I want to ditch slogan and logo pieces and wear neutral tones with the occasional pop of color.

styling the band tee

5) Biker Shorts

Ah, biker shorts. I added this to the “ditch list” last year and I’m standing firm in that opinion. I have never been a fan of biker shorts, which makes sense because they’re really just cropped leggings. And if you know me, I was never a fan of leggings. In 2020, I will easily leave this trend behind.

Swap it with Suits

Suits were major in 2019, and I hope they continue in 2020. Because biker shorts were often paired with blazers, swap the shorts and complete the suit look instead.

What trends are you ditching this year?

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