How to Create a Stylish Year in 5 Easy Steps

Last year, I shared a few DIYs to set you up for a positive year. Feel free to read the post this year if you’re looking for a way to keep track of any good moments in 2018! This time around, I’m focusing on style. January is the month of organization, decluttering, and goal-setting, so let’s apply that mantra to style! Below are 5 tips for creating a stylish year.

How to Have a Stylish Year5 Tips to Kickoff a Stylish Year

  1. Get rid of the clutter.

    January is the best time to declutter! Actually, I like to review my wardrobe each quarter as the seasons begin to change. The first tip for a stylish year is to get a fresh start and get rid of what you no longer wear! Donate and/or sell what you can, then toss what is damaged.

    Clearing out your closet is the perfect way to kickoff a stylish year because you remove all the noise. What’s left is a closet of items you truly wear, helping you identify any holes in your wardrobe.

  2. Create a dedicated Pinterest board.

    Every year I recommend Pinterest. Specifically, I recommend having the Pinterest app on your phone because I find it a little overwhelming on a desktop or tablet. Download the Pinterest app and create a dedicated board focused on saving outfits that reflect your style You can make it private or public, just as long as it’s there!

    Only pin the outfits you would actually wear to this board, and refer back to it anytime you’re in a style slump. Browse a few of my Pinterest boards for style inspiration!

  3. (Re)discover what you love.

    By this, I mean take time for yourself. Do things you love to do, find out what you like to wear, and just grow into your true self. While most of us did the whole “find yourself” thing in our early 20s, it’s still good to recalibrate each year.

    I mentioned that some things are here for seasons in my 2017 reflections post, and that also holds true with style! Do you still love shopping (I don’t) and wearing combat boots, or are you doing those things out of pure routine? Take a step back and rediscover yourself–it will help you develop a clear vision for your style.

  4. Create a style resolution.

    I used to create (and share on the site) style resolutions I’d set for myself at the start of a new year. I found it really helpful when I felt stuck with my style. I was tired of my wardrobe and felt like I still had room to grow.

    Do you ever feel like your style has potential but you’re so limited simply because you haven’t tried anything new? If that’s the case, style resolutions can challenge the norm. Add something like “wear color once a week” or “add skirts to office looks” and watch your style evolve!

  5. Shoot your outfits!

    Not everyone is a fashion blogger or a professional photographer, but guess what? You don’t have to be either to utilize this tip! Just like with fitness, taking pictures is a major key to monitoring your growth. Sometimes just knowing you’re going to take pics is enough motivation to amp up your look.

    Snap a mirror pic on your phone each day in 2018, and I guarantee this shift will improve your style. While you don’t have to post them all publicly, I do recommend sharing a few here and there to your favorite social media app.

I know everyone feels motivated and thinks big at the beginning of the year, so use that newfound energy to your advantage! You don’t have to create grand plans and massive goals, just start small! What are all of the things you want to do in 2018 when it comes to boosting your style? Write them down in a journal, on your Notes app, or on a post-it and check-in throughout the year!

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What are your tips for a stylish year?

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