5 Tips to Have Your Most Stylish Year Yet

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After sharing which trends to leave in the past, it felt appropriate to provide tips that will help you have a stylish year. January is the month of organization, decluttering, starting over, and setting goals, so let’s apply that mantra to style! Below are five suggestions to help you create a stylish year. Apply one or all of the tips as needed, and let me know which piece of advice is your favorite! Keep in mind, the tips below are all focused on style rather than specific trends because you first need to hone in on your fashion sense before diving into 2020 trends.

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How to Create a Stylish Year

1. Get rid of the items that no longer match your personality.

January is the best time to declutter, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of that desire to “reset” and use that energy to clean out your closet! Style evolves, so you want to make sure your clothes still reflect your personality, your lifestyle, and your taste. Naturally, the first tip for a stylish year is to get rid of what you no longer wear! Clearing out your closet is the perfect start to a stylish year because it removes all the noise. Review your wardrobe and donate the clothing items that don’t align with your style. After the declutter, you’ll have a closet filled only with pieces that you wear. The bonus part is, this will help you identify any holes in your wardrobe.

I spent the month of December reviewing my wardrobe and managed to fill several trash bags with clothes ready for donation. Was it time-consuming? Absolutely, but it was also worth all of the effort. My closet has significantly slimmed down, and I can see every piece of clothing I own without having to rummage through an overstuffed closet. My next step in the closet organization process is hanging up a dry erase board on the closet door to document staple pieces my wardrobe is missing. This extra step is a new one for me, but I think it will help keep my wardrobe focused while aligning with my financial goals of having a low-buy year.

2. Create a dedicated Pinterest board filled with outfits that mirror your style.

Every year I recommend Pinterest because it is a real launching pad for inspiration! Download the Pinterest app on your phone and create a dedicated board focused on saving outfits that reflect your style. Focus less on the brand or budget and more on the silhouette, fabrics, and collective outfits. Based on your comfort level, you can make the board public or private. It is primarily there as a resource for you to refer back to when you’re in a style rut. To get started, check out some of my Pinterest boards and start repinning the looks you love! 

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3. (Re)discover what you love.

What I mean by this tip is to take time for yourself. Make a conscious effort to do things you love to do, find out what you like to wear, and grow into your true self. While most of us did the whole “find yourself” thing in our early-to-mid 20s, it’s still a good idea to recalibrate each year. 

Things change, and so do you! Taking time for yourself allows you to evaluate whether you even like something or you’re wearing it out of habit. Do you love shopping, or are you doing it because it’s a habit? Do you enjoy wearing skinny jeans, or are you just used to wearing them all the time? Take a step back and rediscover yourself–it will help you develop a clear vision for your style. 

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4. Create a style resolution for the year.

My longtime readers may remember a time when I used to create style resolutions at the start of a new year. I found the process to be beneficial when I felt stuck with my style. At the time, I was tired of my wardrobe and felt like I still had room to grow. The best way to grow was to commit to a resolution! 

Now, it’s your turn. Do you ever feel like your style has potential, but you’re limited because you haven’t tried anything new? If that’s the case, style resolutions can challenge the norm. Add something like “wear color once a week” or “add skirts to office looks” and watch your style evolve! Of course, style resolutions work much like standard resolutions. The more specific and actionable, the better the goal. Don’t just say you want to reinvent your style. Instead, specify what aspects within your style you want to change and how you plan to do so. 

5. Document your progress by taking pictures of your daily outfits.

You don’t have to be an influencer to adopt this tip! Documenting your progress is a massive key for all long-term goals–style isn’t any different. Sometimes just knowing you’re going to take pics is enough motivation to amp up your look. Snap a mirror pic on your phone each day this year, and I guarantee this habit will improve your style. While you don’t have to post them all publicly, I do recommend sharing a few here and there to your favorite social media app. You can even take it a step further and write out which pieces you consistently wore throughout the month in your bullet journal.

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If you apply one or more of these tips this year, you’re already taking the first step toward a stylish year. You don’t have to create grand plans and massive goals, start small! What are all of the things you want to do in 2020 when it comes to boosting your style? Write them down in a digital or physical notebook and check-in throughout the year!

What are your tips for a stylish year?

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