How to Style a Bougie Yet Budget-Friendly Home

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How many times have you been scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and come across the most beautiful homes with picture-perfect decor? Chandeliers, marble countertops, high tech appliances, you name it. After browsing online, we all consider what we need to do to get our homes to look as glamorous as the photos. The problem is, the things we need to do are usually not in our budget. Often, our budget limits our dreams; dream car, life, and home. However, do not get discouraged. There are a lot of ways to make your space look lavish without breaking the bank.

home decor styling tips on a budget

Use gold spray paint

Gold is a color that is associated with wealth, so why not add a few touches of it throughout your home. You don’t need to go out and buy actual gold furniture. All you need to do is gather a few used household items, put on some old clothes, find something to cover the ground, and get painting. As a fun little DIY project, use gold spray paint to revive old items and turn them into glam decorative pieces. Almost anything can be spray painted, so be creative! Vases, desk supplies, and even your coffee table are all paint-worthy items. Just be sure to compare the different types of spray paint before buying one, so you pick the right type for your surface.

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Get a statement piece

It’s no secret that furniture can get expensive. But getting just one statement piece of furniture can add personality to a seemingly dull space. Opt for a piece that draws attention on its own, so it serves as the focal point or accent piece. A colorful sofa or a gold table in the living room is an excellent place to start because it’s one of the first rooms guests see when they visit. You don’t have to buy statement pieces all at once, seeing as it can get expensive. That’s why it’s best to buy a bit here and there, making it easier on your budget. 

how to make a place feel home

Add some mirrors

Almost all of the “glamorous” room ideas on Pinterest include at least one mirror on a wall somewhere in the house. This makes sense because mirrors not only make a room seem bigger than it actually is, but they also make a space brighter when positioned by a window correctly. There are tons of ways to use mirrors to add vibrancy to a room, so try out different decorating ideas. You can even make mirrored accents to go around your house. Mirrored lamps, trays, and decorative boxes can all add some glam to your apartment. The best part is, you don’t even need expensive mirrors for these small projects. You can purchase a couple of mirrors right at your local Dollar Tree.

uncommon james campfire cowboy candle

Buy fuzzy accents

One of the biggest trends in home decor right now is fuzzy accents. Fuzzy rugs, chairs, and ottomans can be seen all over Instagram. Soft materials can make any room look cute and cozy, and when paired with the right things, lavish. The thing is, these items are more on the expensive side because of their popularity. That’s why it’s essential to shop around. Find places that offer coupons and deals, or head to discount stores to keep from spending too much. When you’re considering what to buy, get creative. Buying a fuzzy throw and placing it over your old desk chair can look just as cute as the one hundred dollar version. 

home decor styling tips on a budget

Bedazzle things you already own

Don’t buy new stuff if you don’t have to! DIY everything you can. For this, Pinterest is your best friend. A few well-placed rhinestones and some hot glue can change your life. The glimmer of gems can add new life to most things, which is crucial when you want something in your home to stand out. Try putting rhinestones on some cheap glass vases and bowls, which you can use as a cotton swab and makeup brush holder for your bathroom. Or glam up your living room by adding rhinestones to your end table lamps. The options are endless.

Don’t think that you can’t have your Pinterest or Instagram worthy home just because you don’t have the money for it right now. Bargain hunting, DIY-ing, and buying in moderation will lead to your dream decor in no time. You just have to have patience, and what you want will come to you in time.

What are your tips for transforming your home?

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