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Let’s talk about lipsticks. Mented Cosmetics has been my go-to brand for wearable nude and neutral lipstick shades since my very first order in 2018, yet I surprisingly haven’t posted a dedicated blog post about the brand. I highlighted the brand in last year’s B.O.M.B. post and have since ordered additional shades. Now that I own 7 of their 9 semi-matte lipstick colors, I’m coming to you with swatches! 

mented cosmetics lipstick review

Semi-Matte Lipstick Swatches

top nude lipstick for woc and dark skin

Brand Nude

Brand Nude is my absolute favorite nude lipstick for every day. Because I wanted to represent the actual product in the post, I did not line my lips. I typically will apply a soft brown lipliner to provide a little extra depth and dimension, but I love that it isn’t required for the shade to work. What sets Brand Nude apart from the ghosts of nude lipsticks past is the undertone. Most nude lipsticks I’ve owned in the past had very pink undertones, whereas this one is neutral. 

peach please mented cosmetics on woc

Peach Please

Peach Please is a pretty shade to wear in the spring and summer months when you are wearing a warm eyeshadow color. I typically wear this shade when I’m going for a fresh-faced glow.

dope taupe mented cosmetics on woc

Dope Taupe

Dope Taupe is a cool-toned brown that is a few shades darker than my lip color but not dark enough to be considered a “dark lip.” I like to wear this shade as my alternate everyday lipstick when Brand Nude is too subtle.

mented cosmetics nude lala on woc swatch

Nude La La

Nude La La is my second favorite lipstick in the bunch. It reminds me of a “your lips but better” kind of color without being overtly in your face. It’s a great shade to wear when you want a muted, natural pink lipstick to finish off your daily makeup look. Although it is showing up slightly more on the peach and lighter side on camera, the tone is definitely a deep rose pink. 

mented number 5 swatch on woc

Mented #5

Mented #5 is one of the newer shades I picked up as part of a holiday set last month. I haven’t had the chance to wear it out yet, but swatching it for this post convinced me to make an effort. It’s a mauve brown and slightly deeper than I expected, yet still wearable for office makeup.

brown bare lipstick on woc

Brown Bare

Brown Bare is a true brown lipstick, just as the name suggests. It is slightly warm and reminds me of melted chocolate. I think this shade will be especially pretty in the matte formula. 

dark night mented cosmetics on woc

Dark Night

Dark Night is similar to Brown Bare in that it is a dark true brown color, but it is 1-2 shades deeper. Between the two, Dark Night is my favorite option and would also look great in the matte version.

black owned makeup brand lipstick swatches

Mented Cosmetics Lipstick Review

As mentioned at the top of this post, I have loved Mented Cosmetics since my first order in 2018. Following the first purchase, I’ve placed two or three more orders to build my wearable nudes collection. I haven’t tried their new matte lipstick line yet, but I love the semi-matte formula because the shades are buildable and don’t require a lip liner.

Unlike most traditional nude lipsticks, the shade range is designed with women of color, specifically black women, in mind. As a black-owned brand, Mented Cosmetics understands the nuance in creating a nude or brown lipstick shade meant to complement the various undertones of deeper skin. The semi-matte formula has buildable coverage so you can wear a semi-sheer coat for the office and layer up to an opaque finish if desired. I recommend trying out the brand if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect neutral lip.

Have you tried Mented Cosmetics makeup?

P.S. If you’re interested in finding the best red liquid lipstick for brown skin, you can check out the post highlighting my recommendations here!

mented cosmetics holiday collection on woc

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