How to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe for Spring

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winter to spring transitional outfit ideasNow that January is behind us, we’re quickly approaching the transitional period as we start to drift from winter to spring mindsets. This seasonal shift is where people can become pretty split in terms of what to wear. 

  • If you’re in a warmer climate like I am, then your eyes are already starting to look at the weighted fabrics in your wardrobe with uncertainty. 
  • If you’re in a colder climate, there’s a pretty good chance spring is so far off your radar right now that you can’t even think about ditching your puffer jacket yet. 

Well, guess what? No matter what the temperature is, there are a few easy ways you can bring a touch of spring into your winter wardrobe. The official start of the season may not kick off until March, but we all know fashion loves to dive headfirst into the new seasonal wear.

what to wear in the winter to spring transition

Outfit Details: AllSaints dress | Wild Diva boots (similar) | Target hat | Saint Laurent bagBlankNYC jacket

Try layering winter staples with spring classics, like a floral dress.

One of my favorite prints to wear is floral, especially when it’s on top of a black base. As featured in the photos, one way you can dip your toe into spring before it arrives is by mixing up your layers! We all love a monochromatic winter look with various textures and accessories to add depth, but what if you’re bored with all the solid pieces? Bring spring into your winter-ready style by mixing and matching the two seasons. A floral print dress on its own may not suit the weather, so stay warm by styling it with a taller boot and your favorite coat. 

ysl sac de juor bag

Add a bright pop of color to your winter tones.

I love an all-black look just as much as the next fashion fan, but my color palette begins itching for a pop of color once the new year hits. If you’re tired of your winter color palette, refresh the energy by contrasting otherwise dark pieces with a spring-inspired color. Think about ditching your winter maroon lip for a fuschia, tangerine, or spicy red color. 

san antonio texas black fashion bloggers

Spring into the upcoming season with statement accessories. 

Last but not least is my favorite way to switch up my style with minimal effort: accessories! Giving your outfits a new look with accessories is ideal for those of you who don’t have an option just yet to layer on lighter fabrics due to climate. Bags are perfect for attacking transitional outfits because the weather doesn’t impact the style chosen. Jewelry is also a good alternative, and you can even choose a bright shoe if weather permits.  

what to wear in the winter to spring transition

TL;DR? Here are three ways to start introducing spring into your Winter style:

  1. Add floral!
  2. Introduce hints of color.
  3. Accessorize with touches of spring.

We’re pretty comfortable here in Texas, but it’s still a little too chilly to break out the shorts and day dresses. Instead, I’m using the tips above to refresh my wardrobe while I peruse the stores for upcoming spring inspiration. 

Don’t forget to pin with me! I have both a Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer board, so all your inspirational outfits are covered for the year!

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