The 7 Best Red Liquid Lipsticks for Dark Skin

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Best-Red-Liquid-Lipsticks-for-Dark-SkinWe’re so close to Christmas and I’m only one day away from having a full week off, so you can say I’m pretty excited. Being that I’m in the holiday spirit and this is the last ‘official’ post of 2017 (next week will be a throwback and a yearly favorites recap), why not post about my favorite lipsticks dure red lip season?

Over the years, I’ve learned which lipstick shades I prefer and stick with reds, browns, and mauves almost exclusively. Of the three, red lips are my favorite. Adding a red lip to any look instantly makes me feel more put together. The most common reason women shy away from a red lip is because they feel like they don’t look right wearing such a bold color. But you know what? Red lips look good on everyone, it’s just a matter of finding the right shade and getting used to wearing color.

To help you in your red lip pursuits, I’ve rounded up 7 of the best red liquid lipsticks. These shades look particularly good on dark skin, so they have become my go-to picks whenever I want a red lip.

7 Best Red Liquid Lipsticks

stunna lip paint swatch on dark skin1) Uncensored | Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

  • Undertone: Varies (Appears blue based on lighter skin tones and orange based on deeper skin tones)
  • Shade description: A perfect, universal red.

The packaging of this product is absolutely stunning, but what really makes the Stunna Lip Paint stand out is the innovative formula. It’s truly a universal red, perfect for someone to wear if they haven’t yet found their preferred red palette. The pigmentation is the most vibrant of the seven lipsticks mentioned, and it takes the cake in terms of wearability. Coloured Raine was my favorite formula before Stunna Lip Paint came along. While their formula is incredibly comfortable with a lip balm, I truly forget I’m wearing a liquid lipstick when I have the Stunna Lip Paint on.

arriba colourpop swatch on dark skin2) Arriba! | ColourPop x iluvsarahii Ultra Matte

  • Undertone: Blue
  • Shade description: A warm true red.

This shade came out a month or so before the Fenty Beauty lip paint, and I initially wondered if the two would serve as dupes for each other. After owning and wearing them both, I can confirm they are different but both have a true red color. The Fenty Beauty lip paint is more vibrant and bold. Arriba is a true red that’s 1-2 shades darker than the Fenty’s lip. ColourPop liquid lipsticks last all day and are comfortable to wear if you apply a moisturizing lip balm underneath, so I recommend this shade if you are looking for a true red that isn’t overly bright.

best red liquid lipsticks for dark skin3) Cherry Blossom | Coloured Raine Lip Paint

Coloured Raine’s Cherry Blossom is a WOC staple! Nearly every girl (including celebs like Tracee Ellis Ross) swear by Cherry Blossom for the go-to red. Why? Something about the blue undertones mixed with the red color just pairs so beautifully on brown skin. As mentioned earlier, Coloured Raine is second only to Fenty Beauty when it comes to comfort and wearability. This brand nails formulation without compromising staying power.

best red liquid lipsticks for dark skin4) LAX | ColourPop Ultra Matte

  • Undertone: Brown
  • Shade description: A rich, vampy red.

Personally, I love a dark red lip. LAX is the deepest burgundy lip color I own, and it made the list for the best liquid lipsticks because the formula doesn’t apply in patches or streaks. With dark lip colors, it really shows when the formula is lackluster. The staying power isn’t as long as their lighter shades, but the shade is stunning on deeper skin tones.

best red liquid lipsticks for dark skin5) Carnivorous | MAC Retro Matte

  • Undertone: Brown
  • Shade description: A blackened, matte red.

Carnivorous is another excellent choice for a dark red lip, and this product has great staying power. This is a good shade to have in your arsenal because it’s deep enough to pair with any look without overpowering the entire outfit. The size of MAC Retro Matte liquid lipsticks is extremely convenient because they’re small enough to fit in even the tiniest of clutches.

jouer cosmetics brique swatch dark skin6) Brique | Jouer Cosmetics Lip Creme

  • Undertone: Warm
  • Shade description: A matte, warm brick red.

Jouer Cosmetics has a mousse-like texture, very different from most liquid lipsticks. The standout feature with their formula is the line-filling capabilities. For me, the Jouer lip cremes appear to smooth out my lips more than any other liquid lipstick. The formula itself is comfortable to wear, but Brique tops the list because it is a true brick red–stunning on the lips.

best red liquid lipsticks for dark skin7) Rooch | Colourpop x Karrueche Ultra Matte

  • Undertone: Warm, Red
  • Shade description: A deepened, russet wine.

Rooch was my favorite dark red lipstick for at least a year. It’s still a favorite, but I’m running low and it’s out of stock currently so I’ve since filled the void with MAC Carnivorous. Rooch is a staple shade because the warm undertones keep the lip from washing you out. As always with ColourPop liquid lipsticks, it lasts all day and isn’t drying upon application when a lip balm is worn underneath.

best red liquid lipsticks for dark skinTo recap, below are my picks for the 7 best red liquid lipsticks for dark skin:

  1. Uncensored | Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint
  2. Arriba! | ColourPop x iluvsarahii Ultra Matte
  3. Cherry Blossom | Coloured Raine Lip Paint
  4. LAX | ColourPop Ultra Matte
  5. Carnivorous | MAC Retro Matte
  6. Brique | Jouer Cosmetics Lip Creme
  7. Rooch | Colourpop x Karrueche Ultra Matte

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  1. Ami says:

    I love this post and I especially love that you do lip swatches. All these colors look amazing on you and the price-points are very nice too lol

    • Chelsey says:

      Thanks so much, Ami! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, I always find lip swatches to be the most helpful when I’m shopping around for lip products.


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