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We’ve all had those days where we just don’t feel put together. Maybe we stayed up too late binge-watching something on Netflix (House of Cards S4, anyone?) instead of getting everything ready for the next morning. It’s one thing to feel off and tired, but looking the part only emphasizes that fact. Just because you have a rough start to a morning, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost for the day. I’ve found that when I at least look put together, my mood improves as the day moves along.

Today, I’m solving all your problems by sharing 7 easy ways to instantly look put together even when you start the day off feeling otherwise. You know what they say: fake it till you make it!


1. Wear a monochromatic outfit.

A no-fuss, simple outfit always looks put together. The quickest way to accomplish this is by wearing a monochromatic outfit. In other words, wear a single shade for both your top and bottoms. I’m personally a fan of keeping monochromatic looks within a soft or neutral color palette, but feel free to wear any color that makes you feel comfortable.

Still need help? See how I styled an all-black look and a softer blush outfit for added inspiration.

2. Layer on a structured jacket.

This is one of my favorite ways to pull a look together for work. Adding a tailored blazer or  jacket helps to clean up an outfit that needs a little more structure. It also adds a sense of intentional styling, as if you purposefully paired the piece of outerwear with your look when in reality you just needed to quickly pull yourself together.

Structure isn’t just for the office–this clean blazer instantly adds oomph to what would otherwise be a basic outfit.

3. Add a classic red lip.

Never underestimate the power of a red lip. I’m sure every girl knows this, but it’s worth mentioning again: Red lips are the quickest way to boost any outfit. It takes confidence to wear a red lip, but once you get over that initial hesitation, you’re unstoppable.

In liquid form, my favorite red lip is ColourPop’s ‘Rooch‘ ultra matte liquid lipstick. For a classic lipstick formula, Diva by MAC is my shade of choice.


4. Maintain your mani.

There’s nothing more annoying than having a killer outfit and looking down at your chipped nails. It’s even annoying to have chipped nails on your “over it” days, which is why maintaining your mani is one way to look put together.

Pro Tip: Keep nail polish remover pads and your current polish in your bag for emergency touch-ups. If life is too chaotic for a mid-week touch-up, opt for a light shade–the chips aren’t nearly as noticeable.

5. Bun it up.

As cute as they may be, a messy bun is not your friend when you’re already having a rough start to the day. It’s also on these days that your hair decides to get frizzy, oily, or simply unmanageable. The quick solution? Pull your hair back into a low chignon. Not only will it ensure your hair will stay in tact the full day, but it also looks very chic.

6. Choose black bottoms.

Black is always in style, and black will always look put together. So on days where you simply can’t be bothered, swap out your blue jeans or colorful trousers for a pair of black pants. My personal preference is skinny black denim, but wear whichever style your heart desires.

This outfit would have looked perfectly fine with skinny blue jeans, but choosing black instead really pulls it all together.

7. Point those toes.

There’s something about a pointed shoe that screams, “Hey! I totally have my life together!”. Any shoe with a pointed toe will help you look put together, so don’t feel like you have to throw on a pair of heels. I’m always reaching for pointed leopard flats as my “put together” shoe, so find a style that you like.

Here is one of the many times I’ve felt like a pointed flat completed my look. With this outfit, a rounded ballet flat wouldn’t have felt as complete.


If you try adding in one or more of these easy style tips on your rough morning days, I guarantee you’ll feel better before the day ends. If you look good, you feel good…even if it takes a few hours to happen.

To quickly round them all up, here are those 7 quick tips one more time:

  1. Make it monochromatic.
  2. Top it off with a structured jacket.
  3. Paint your pout red.
  4. Keep your nails chip-free.
  5. Pull your hair back into a low chignon.
  6. Swap those blue jeans for black jeans.
  7. Walk out with a pointed shoe.
What’s your secret to keeping a look together on the outside even if your totally checked out on the inside?

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