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How’s your 2015 going so far? I originally wasn’t going to do a “style resolutions” post this year, even though it’s kind of a tradition of mine. Reason being?

  1. I’m comfortable with my style.
  2. I find them difficult to do without feeling forced.
  3. They’re usually the same year after year. (I’m stubborn, okay?)

Last night, the wonderful Zhenya of Being Zhenya motivated me to keep the tradition alive. She posted her style resolutions for the year, which I found to be really interesting. A few of them even align with my own. It led me to think about what I’d like to accomplish for the year when it comes to fashion. I already have a few beauty goals, so I thought this year I’d through those in along with the annual style resolutions. (I’ll also tell you how I’m not going to let those 3 reasons above hinder my resolutions.)

  1. Focus on finding a good skincare routine
  2. Invest in a quality foundation routine
  3. Put a little more “business” in “business casual”
  4. Shop my closet more often
  5. For every new purchase, donate an old item


Resolution #1: Focus on finding a good skincare routine

This one is actually my top priority. I have been a Clean & Clear user since I was a teenager. I’ve dabbled here and there with other brands, but always went back to C&C. There’s nothing wrong with the brand–I absolutely recommend it to others–I just feel it’s time to branch out into a skincare line that addresses other concerns. I’ve been feeling for the past year or so as if I’ve outgrown my tried and true skincare choice, so I’d like to focus this year on finding a good quality skincare routine more suitable to my needs. I’m very open to recommendations, so please do share if you have any. I’ll also post a current skincare routine this month to show you all the products I’m using right now. The goal is to have a whole new routine that I love more than my current routine by the year’s end.

Resolution #2: Invest a quality foundation routine

This resolution ties into the first one. While the skincare goal is more about taking care of the base, the foundation goal is about improving my makeup results. Also like my skincare resolution, I’ve played around here and there with new foundation brands over this past year. Ultimately, I want to find a high-end foundation (since they generally contain less fillers) that applies nicely to my skin without looking heavy. I discovered BareMinerals BareSkin last year, which I loved, but I’d like to find something I can use year-round as opposed to just in the wintertime.


Resolution #3: Put a little more “business” in “business casual”

Truth be told, I wear jeans to work 90% of the time. I want to diversify my work wardrobe and look a little more put together. Sometimes my outfits can go straight from work to play, which is convenient, but not what I aim for. I’d like to keep somewhat of a distinct line between my work clothes and my street clothes, because the lines have blurred over the past year.

Resolution #4: Shop my closet more often

I don’t post my overall New Year’s Resolutions on the site because they aren’t relevant topics, but one of them is to stop spending unnecessary money. Kind of like the old theory of eating what’s already in your fridge before buying more food, I want to make it a habit of shopping my own closet and revamping existing items before going out to shop for new clothes. Besides, with my hunt for good skincare and foundation products, saving on clothes shopping will be a good balance.

Resolution #5: For every new purchase, donate an old item

The goal here is to shop my closet when I can. When I can’t, I go out to buy the item I’m in need of, and I pull an older item I don’t wear anymore out for donating. This will keep me from holding on to items I know I won’t wear, but for some reason insist on letting them sit in my closet. I’d like to simplify my closet by having primarily evergreen items of good quality, with a few bits of trendy, time-sensitive pieces.


So those are my style and beauty resolutions. I have pretty good faith in myself that I can succeed in most, if not all, of them. And as for those pesky 3 reasons why I didn’t plan on doing this? Well, here’s how I plan to combat those excuses:

Excuse #1: I’m comfortable with my style

Solution: Let’s face it, this is just a pretty way of saying “I don’t really feel like stepping out of my comfort zone this year.” In a closet of primarily stripes, leopard, and solids, I have plenty of room for expansion. Example: My style is self-described as comfortably cute. One way I can expand upon that is by trying a trend or staple item I don’t already wear, that mixes well with that style…like joggers.

Excuse #2: I find them difficult to do without feeling forced

Solution: Make this into a challenge on the blog! If I often question how to do something, chances are some of you out there wonder the same thing. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to you all if I turn these obstacles and challenges that pop up along the way into a blog post, providing useful tips I’ve learned through trial and error?

Excuse #3: They’re the same. Year after year

Solution: Stick to them! If I keep having the same resolutions year after year, it’s time to actually follow through. By the end of the year, I aim to have new resolutions because my current ones will be a success.

I’ve shared mine, so I want to know yours. What are your style or beauty resolutions for this year?

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  1. Zhenya H says:

    Love your resolutions girl! So glad I inspired you!



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