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I practiced what I preached and shopped my own closet.

Resolutions don’t have to fail, y’know.

I literally only left my apartment this weekend to go buy food for the week. At face value that may seem like an extremely lazy weekend, but I really get so much stuff done when I have the weekends to myself. The added bonus is I get to be productive while marathoning GIRLS in preparation for the season premiere. The overall themes in that show are so incredibly relatable for all of us women in the mid-twenties age group. If you haven’t watched that show, please go watch Season 1 at the very least. Anyways, this weekend was probably the coldest weekend of the winter season so far, so staying in was actually a good idea. I threw this outfit on to run to the grocery store, and afterwards realized nearly every item holds a special memory.

The Fashion

The black pants don’t have a special memory, but I wore them because I practically live in black pants. They’re from Charlotte Russe, which is my favorite place to go for inexpensive pants. The dark grey ‘Noir’ tee is from Urban Outfitters. It holds a special place in my heart because I actually got it for Friendsmas (Friend Christmas) in 2013 from one of my favorite guy friends. On that same holiday, another friend of mine got me the super cozy oversized infinity knit scarf from Urban Outfitters that’s pictured above. It’s absolutely perfect for anyone who lives in truly cold weather. I don’t get to wear it out too often here, but the weather certainly called for it this weekend.

Continuing this trip down memory lane, let’s discuss the boots. They’re from Forever 21, and I bought them back in November of 2013. I have to say, they are not at all comfortable so can’t be worn for more than two or three hours, but I just can’t get rid of them. They take me back to the first Lydia concert my friends and I went to in that same month. A concert was a perfect excuse to find a new outfit, so that’s why these were purchased.

Lastly, I covered up with my very old faux leather jacket. I wish I could remember when I bought this, but it still holds a special place in my heart because I’ve had it for so long and can’t seem to part ways. You’ll notice that it’s even beginning to fray at the collar–I told you I don’t throw things out until they literally fall apart–yet I’m still wearing it. The fraying adds character.


The Beauty

Even though I stayed inside for the majority of the day, I still played around in my makeup. I was watching some video on Youtube that had a gorgeous smoky eye, and I decided why not? I’ve been into cooler shades lately, so I brushed shades of grey across my lids using the Lorac Pro Palette 2. I kept the lips as close to natural without being naked by applying a thin layer of “Euro Trash”, one of the nude shades from the NYX Matte lipstick line. As for my nails, I have on ‘Secret Love’ by Marc Jacobs. It’s an eggplant purple when one coat is applied, but I always wear two coats with any polish so it looks nearly black. That’s my only complaint with Marc Jacobs nail polish: the dark shades turn into a nearly unrecognizable dark version of the bottle color when two coats are applied.

Black-Noir-7 Black-Noir-1 Black-Noir-2 Black-Noir-4 Black-Noir-8

 The Details

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