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I would have at least 2 more degrees if school weren’t so expensive. I love to learn, as dorky as that may sound. The plus side is that I don’t necessarily have to go back to college to continue learning. I’ve recently gotten back into my book kick, and have a few fashion books on my wishlist. Until I add those to my collection, I want to read through some of the books I haven’t completed yet.

What I look for

When it comes to fashion books, there are a few different types that are offered. What I look for, is a book that can be used as a reference after I’ve read it. In general, there are three types I gravitate towards:

  1. Home Decor
  2. Street Fashion
  3. Photography

I’ve read a number of biography and ‘history of fashion books’ to soak up more knowledge, but the reference books are definitely my favorites. I find home decor to be so inspiring, and the subject always motivates me to redecorate my apartment. Street fashion is the newest subject type that I’ve been drawn to, as I find other people’s outfit choices to be so fascinating. It’s really cool to see so many different personalities and style choices all wrapped up into an easy access book. Photography books are must-reads because they give insightful tips and tricks to improve pictures.


On the Bookshelf

The list isn’t all inclusive, as this post is already pretty long, but below are the books that I’ve read. I’ve also included a little snippet of my thoughts to help you decide whether or not your fashion book taste falls in line with mine:

Influence was the very first fashion book I purchased, way back in 2008. I like that it provides some insight into the fashion industry through use of interview-style excerpts. It’s an excellent coffee table book, as well. The Teen Vogue Handbook is another book that was purchased years and years ago, but I always dig it out and flip through it to narrow down exactly what it is that I would like to do. It’s an excellent resource if you love fashion and want to work in the industry, but aren’t quite sure what your job of choice is.

A Beautiful Mess was purchased last year, which I had to get because I wanted to support fellow bloggers. It’s a cute and fun reference filled with tips and ideas to keep your photos interesting. Street Fashion Photography was a gift I received this past Christmas and just recently finished reading a few days ago. While I feel the content is more for beginners who are looking to become street style photographers, I did enjoy the photos of all the various outfits. I have nothing to say about Humans of New York, except that you should absolutely purchase it. Love that book so much.

That Extra Half an Inch is another oldie, which I truthfully purchased because it’s Victoria Beckham. Yes, she was my favorite Spice. The book came out before she launched her own line, and I still love it because it gives classic style advice while getting a peek into her own personal style as well. The only downside is that because it’s Victoria Beckham–chic, stylish, posh–the majority of her style picks are high-end brands. Born to be Brad is a fun, inspiring read. It was interesting to hear how far Brad has come and really learn more about his upbringing. Style by Lauren Conrad is an easy read that I feel is best for a younger demographic with minimal style knowledge. Not knocking it by any means, as I enjoyed it, it just provides a good base as far as style tips goes.


Current Reads

Style Stalking is a book I got for Christmas this past year that is broken up into various styles and provides tips on how to maximize that style. I feel like this one will be another book that I grab throughout the year for a little style pick-me-up. Kelly Cutrone’s book, on the other hand, has been sitting on my shelf for years and I’ve finally decided to start reading it.


On the Wishlist

Fashion and Style Books-1-2

What fashion books are you reading or wanting to read?

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