3 Fashion Trends to Ditch for the New Year

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Fashion Trends to Ditch in the New YearWelcome to the last blog post of 2016! Since this is the final post of the year and it also happens to be the last Friday of the year, we’re switching things up and having a little fun. It’s pretty much understood amongst everyone that 2016 was a bit of a dud. Tons of good music came out and I’ve personally had a decent year, but collectively 2016 was a mess. Fashion wasn’t immune to the mess, either. These are the 3 fashion trends to ditch right now, with a few tips on how to tailor them if you insist on carrying them into 2017:

3 Fashion and Beauty Trends to Ditch for 2017

1. Bold, Boxy Brows

If you’re close to my age (late twenties), you may remember growing up in a simpler time for makeup. Back then, we were purely concerned with lining our eyes in black eyeliner and concealing our lips to a nude finish. Who had time (or cares) for brows? In fact, we were over plucking our eyebrows to achieve a consistently thin line from start to finish. My, how times have changed.

These days, a bold brow is the star of any makeup look. Much like concealer lips, the brow trend has gone a bit overboard. In 2017, let’s scale it back. Concealer lips were scaled back to a natural and neutral nude, so let’s treat brows the same and reel in the boxy, ombre look (commonly referred to as the IG Brow) to a more refined, feathery brow. The key for a bold brow that looks more natural is a feathery finish. Instead of outlining and filling in eyebrows with a dark color, softly line the bottom of your brow and fill in the rest with feathered strokes. You can easily fix the boxy brow for 2017:

How to Fix ‘IG Brows’ for 2017

  • Keep the eyebrow product within 2 shades of your natural brow color.
  • Gently line the bottom of your brow with an eyebrow pencil.
  • Fill in the sparse areas of your brow using short, feather-like strokes with an angled brush.
  • Use a spoolie to soften the applied product to a natural finish.

2. Band Tees (of bands you don’t listen to)

Listen, I get it. Music and fashion go hand in hand for me. They’re both beautiful art forms used for creative expression, so it only makes sense the two would join forces and become a trend. Band tees aren’t new to the fashion world, but they were truly “on trend” in 2016. The thing is, wearing a tee of a band you don’t listen to is a bit silly and gives off a poser vibe. In fact, it almost defeats the purpose of having personal style if that particular style (or band) isn’t personal to you.

I love a good band tee and always purchase one from the merch stand of any concert I attend, but I cannot bring myself to purchase an Iron Maiden tee no matter how cool the cover art looks on a t-shirt because I never listened to their music. For 2017, keep the style personal by wearing what you know, love, and listen to. Spread the love of your favorite artists and bands by wearing their tees instead of the trendiest band tee of the moment.

How to Wear Band Tees in 2017

3. Thick Chokers

A lot of people love this trend, but it’s just a little too 90s for me. Even back in the 90s, I wasn’t big into chokers, especially the classic black laser-cut elastic one. For 2017, I hope to see less of the thick ribbon chokers that chop the neck and more of the delicate, short necklaces. If you love chokers and can’t quit them yet, here’s how to tone it down for the new year:

How to Style Chokers in 2017

  • Swap thick ribbons for thin, shoelace chokers in a neutral color.
  • Look for chokers that can be tied and have fabric hanging in the front, creating a lariat effect.
  • Pair thin chokers with floral shift dresses to keep the trend within the boho, festival style.
Which fashion trends do you want to leave in 2016?

Beauty and Fashion Trends to Ditch in the New Year


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