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How to Style Floral Print How to Style Floral Print How to Style Floral Print How to Style Floral Print How to Style Floral Print How to Style Floral Print How to Style Floral PrintWhat I’m Wearing: Topshop Bodysuit | Topshop Cigarette Pants | Christian Louboutin Heels

Hello, hello! Welcome to the first post of the new year! Hopefully, you all had a fun weekend celebrating NYE and entered 2017 with renewed motivation. I celebrated with a group of friends in Austin and had a great time. I only snapped a few pictures of my outfit with a cell phone so they didn’t make it to the blog, but you can check out what I wore over on Instagram. Switching over from the party look, let’s talk about office style.

Floral is a classic print, but it can sometimes get a bad rep. When the print is busy or placed over a brightly colored fabric, it can quickly go from stylish to childish. I’ve found the best way to keep floral print age-appropriate as an adult is to keep the rest of the outfit minimal. That’s not to say you can’t mix stripes with floral because that’s a winning combination, but by minimal I mean keep the color spectrum fairly monochromatic. Stick to classic shades like black and white, or soft complementary tones like blush and nude to keep the focus on the floral piece.

The pants are the focal point for this look, so I kept the rest of the outfit clean and simple with a black bodysuit and heels. Cigarette pants are my favorite style to wear for office-ready outfits but I usually find them in an uncomfortable cotton/spandex blend that is also a walking lint magnet. I spotted this polyester pair in the Topshop section of Nordstrom and loved the spacing of the floral print on the pants, but didn’t bother trying them on at the time.

On a separate visit while looking for a concert outfit, my friend pulled the floral print pants along with this sheer pleated bodysuit (also Topshop) for me to try on. I truly just wanted the pants but loved how the whole look turned out. The best part is both pieces are versatile enough to carry in and out of the office and can match well with most things in my closet.

For even more floral print inspiration, check out these posts below to see the various ways I’ve styled floral in the past:

Are you into floral print? Get the look below:

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  1. Keoshia says:

    Great post! I have always loved floral pants, but didn’t know how to style them! You did a great job of styling these pants!

    • Chelsey says:

      Thanks, Keoshia! I usually don’t wear printed pants for that same reason, but these were an exception. I’m glad you liked the look!


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