3 Winter Beauty Essentials

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In the beauty world, cold weather isn’t just the start of bold lip season–it’s also time to whip out the hydrating products. Whether it’s hair, face, or body, we’re all looking to protect against dryness in the winter. So aside from a great body butter, what other products are winter essentials? 

1. Hydrating Lip Balm

The key to wearing a beautiful bold lip is having a good base. If your lips are chapped throughout the winter, lipstick will only draw attention to it. I actually use two lip products: an everyday balm and a lip mask. One of my coworkers made all natural Chapstick, which I use on bare lips throughout the day. For a lip mask, I’ve been testing out Best Damn Beauty’s lip mask for the past few weeks. I use it as a base before applying any liquid or matte lipstick, and I also use it at night prior to sleeping as an overnight treatment.

Shop a few lip treatments below:

2. Nourishing Hair Mask

Dry hair is pretty common in the winter, so it’s important to add a hair mask to your usual routine. Since my hair is naturally curly–which is prone to dryness–I like to use a hair mask once a week. I generally use any hair mask made by Shea Moisture in conjunction with coconut oil.

Shop additional hair masks below:

3. Face Moisturizer

You should always apply a moisturizer, but it’s especially important to find one that keeps your face moisturizer in the winter. Although my skin is combination/oily, I do experience dryness around certain areas of my face when the temperatures drop. I’m currently using Boscia’s Sake Balm since a lightweight gel moisturizer works well with oily skin, but I’d recommend a cream product if you have skin on the drier side.

Shop face moisturizers below:

What are some of your winter beauty essentials?


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  1. Exfoliating has been part of my Winter Beauty Essentials. I have a face scrub from Pacifica and a body scrub from Shea Moisture. I’m in love with them both!


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