5 Style Essentials for the Workplace

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5-Officewear-Staples-3Finding your way around office style can be a bit of a learning curve. When I first switched from retail life to office life, it was like entering a different world. Gone were the days of denim every day, or so I thought. Immediately, I pictured myself having to wear the typical “what to wear to a job interview” outfit on a daily basis. You know the one–white button-up blouse, straight leg black trousers, kitten heels and nearly invisible makeup. Totally cringeworthy for a style lover like myself. That’s not to say the outfit can’t be cute for some, but it doesn’t fit my style so it would absolutely feel like wearing a uniform each day. Over the past 3 years, I’ve found my groove and balance between office appropriate and fashionable. These are the things that not only make me feel like I can enjoy office style, but they also speed up the getting ready process so I can sleep longer. That’s always a good thing, right?

Style Essentials for the Workplace

Leopard Flats

If you leave this post with one takeaway, this is it: (Pointed) leopard flats are life-changing. I’m not someone who “loves” wearing heels, but I wouldn’t consider myself as someone who hates to wear them either. I’m fairly indifferent, my main issue with heels being the comfort level. Because of that, I look for office shoe alternatives that will still look professional on the days where I’d like to comfortably walk around during my breaks. Leopard flats are a fail-proof style, particularly ones that have a pointed toe. The classic print mixes well with a variety of outfits so you’re always in style, while the pointed toe boosts professionalism.

No-Fuss Go-to Hairstyle(s)

Who doesn’t value more sleep? There’s nothing like waking up late on a Monday morning, rushing, and stuck on what to do with your hair and makeup. For this reason, having a few no-fuss hairstyles in your arsenal is key.¬†Instead of letting it be known that you may have had a rough start to the day, quickly fix your hair into a go-to style and your co-workers will be none the wiser. Pro Tip: A low chignon is one of the most professional-looking hairstyles and it only takes a few minutes to create.

Tailored Blazer

A blazer is one of the first items of clothing to purchase for the office. Blazers can pull even the most casual outfits together. Wearing jeans to the office and feeling a little underdressed? Add a blazer. Are you dying to wear the new blouse you purchased over the weekend but it’s sleeveless? Add a blazer. For added versatility, look for a classic cut in a neutral shade like black or gray.

Everyday Makeup Look

Sticking with the goal of saving time and therefore gaining more sleep, an everyday makeup look is something to consider for the office. Love makeup? No problem! You can still experiment with different colors and products, just keep the experimentation to your lip color and keep the base of your makeup look streamlined.

Designated Office Bag

Don’t underestimate the power of a work bag. I’m totally guilty of grabbing any old bag as I head out the door for work, but there’s definitely something to be said for having a bag specifically for work. Think of it as the final touch to your work persona. The best part is you don’t have to splurge on a luxury bag to achieve the professional look. Stores like River Island, Topshop, and even Forever 21 carry options for a lower price tag.

What are some of your workwear essentials?


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