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February-Favorites-6 February has come and gone, and overall it was very good month for me. I tried a few new products that all ended up working out, I became more focused on knocking out my resolution, and I started to find my stride with having a balanced life. Some of the products mentioned below even contributed to the focused and balanced month.

Most Loved | February 2016

  • Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo
  • Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying Makeup Setting Spray
  • Lush Cup o Coffee Face and Body Mask
  • Topshop Black Round Sunglasses
  • Nike Juvenate Shoes
  • A5 Day Designer Planner
  • Do Less by Rachel Jonat

February-Favorites-1Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo (x)

When it comes to straight hair, my biggest gripe is how quickly my hair gets oily. As a naturally curly girl, I have to wash my hair more often when it’s straight because the oils travel down the strands of my hair faster. This dry shampoo solved all of my straight hair problems, AND it’s the same scent as my favorite perfume. With the Elizabeth and James brand, I don’t experience two of my usual concerns with dry shampoo: my roots reverting to their natural curl pattern and the product leaving a white residue.

Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying Makeup Setting Spray (x)

As someone with combination/oily skin, I’m always looking for a mattifying product. I normally don’t use a setting spray, but I decided to try out Boscia’s new mattifying setting spray because I’ve been really pleased with the brand. In terms of keeping my skin matte, it’s a decent spray. I haven’t noticed an exceptional difference in how long before I need to blot, but what makes this a favorite is how well it sets my makeup. I like the way my foundation looks complete and blended with my skin as opposed sitting on top.

Lush Cup o Coffee Face and Body Mask (x)

I talked about this mask in my skincare routine post. It’s the perfect mask to use in the morning because of not only the coffee smell, but also the gentle exfoliation. After using this mask, I feel fresh and awake. The only downside to this mask is the expiration date. Mine has already expired after receiving it for Christmas so I had to stop using it once February ended.

Oversized Black Round Sunglasses (x)

Sometimes you just love something and have no idea why. I found these round sunglasses at Nordstrom sometime last month and left the mall wishing that I bought them. Naturally, I ended up buying them the next time I was in store. There’s something about them that feels so fashion to me. It’s interesting because I normally avoid super round sunglasses, but I think the oversized black style gives it less of a 70s vibe and more of a cool girl feel.

February-Favorites-10Nike Juvenate in Black (x)

Way back in the day, I used to wear Jordans. Beyond that phase, I was never much of a sneakers kind of girl. Lately, the shoe world has caught my attention–Fenty x PUMA, anyone? The Nike Juvenate shoes are my latest love because they feel like I’m walking on clouds. I was looking for a new gym shoe when I found these, which I now where both in and out of the gym. I really like how even though they’re plain and all black, the spotted texture adds a bit of flair.

A5 Day Designer Planner (x)

Gone are the days where I could get by with just one planner. I remember mentioning in the past that I loved the Day Designer brand, but I didn’t have a true need for an hourly breakdown of my day. Now, I absolutely do…maybe not all days, but most days. Because of that, I purchased a planner from the Day Designer site yet again. This time, I opted for their new A5 style because I can customize and reuse the spotty design even after 2016 ends.

Do Less by Rachel Jonat (x)

The full title is ‘Do Less: A Minimalist Guide to a Decluttered, Organized, and Happy Life,’ and this is the no-fuss, actionable resource guide for anyone looking to reduce their material items. Everyone is all about the Marie Kondo way right now, but I flipped through the book in Target and just from that I found it to be very repetitive. Do Less is a simplified, “keepin’ it real” option that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. It’s a “take what you need” kind of book, so regardless of how extreme you’re willing to get when it comes to the minimalist lifestyle, there’s something in there for everyone.

What were you loving last month?

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