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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Yesterday marked day 1 of my journey on Project 333, or what I refer to as the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. I’ve already posted yesterday’s introductory outfit on Snapchat, which is where I’ll continue to share the OOTDs so make sure you’re following me there (chelseytanisha) to stay up to date.

What is Project 333?

Well, the basic rule of it all is this: You take 33 pieces from your wardrobe and wear ONLY those 33 pieces for 3 months. As you may know, I’m working towards minimizing a lot of material items in my life for 2016. When one of my friends commented on my Instagram that I should try out a capsule wardrobe challenge, I was immediately interested. For one, I am very busy these days. With my new workout journey taking up more of my free time than my previous schedule, I could use even the smallest bit of a time saver to balance out the change. Also, I recently went through a portion of my closet to get rid of things I no longer wear, and doing this challenge will hopefully help me with finishing the task.

As mentioned above, the challenge is intended for 3 months, but I’m taking the baby step of committing to these items for 1 month. With events to go to and small travel plans happening during the month of May, it was way too overwhelming to commit to the full 3 months this time around. At the very most, I may end up extending my personal challenge through April.

About the 33 Pieces

So with this challenge, it’s not just clothes…accessories are included in your total as well, so you have to be a little strategic in picking out all of your items. Clothing, shoes, accessories, and outwear all make up the 33 pieces you’re committing to wearing. If you’re interested in trying the challenge for yourself, read the original post from Project 333 here to get even more information.

Capsule-Wardrobe-30-day-Challenge-8My Wardrobe for March

Now that you have the basics, let’s get into which items I selected for my challenge. You’ll see below that for the bottoms I only picked denim. I struggled with wanting to add a little variety and wanting to stay true to what I know I’ll really wear. In the end, I basically live in denim so I didn’t want to waste a spot on something other than that. For the tops, I split them into two categories: work and weekend. While some tops can crossover into workwear with a blazer, I wanted to make sure i had at least 6 dedicated work tops.

The outerwear is something I kept pretty standard: blazer, jacket, and sweater. For my shoes, the only ones I wanted to add but ran out of spaces were my Converse. I wanted a neutral flat, a printed flat, a comfortable heel, and a weekend shoe. Since the weather is warming up now, I thought I’d end up wanting to reach for sandals more than sneakers, which is why Converse got the boot.

Lastly, the accessories were another challenge. I love wearing multiple rings, but having a pair of work and weekend earrings was more important than giving my hands a little glam. Besides, I’m pretty sure all of my rings would have counted as separate items.

The Tops – Part One


Tops Part One Count: 6

The Tops – Part Two


  • Long Sleeved Surplice Black Blouse | Topshop
  • Sleeveless Patterned Blouse | Forever 21
  • Colorful Bugs Long Sleeved Blouse | H&M
  • Sleeveless Ivory Blouse | Forever 21
  • Short Sleeved White Blouse | Topshop
  • Long Sleeved Grid Blouse | Forever 21

Tops Part Two Count: 6 | Total Count: 12 tops

The Outerwear


Outerwear Count: 4 | Total Count: 16

The Bottoms


Bottoms Count: 7 | Total Count: 23

The Shoes


Shoes Count: 4 | Total Count: 27

The Accessories*


  • Brown Pearl ‘James’ Body Chain | Kendra Scott
  • Gold Aluminum/Antique White Watch | Apple
  • Gold ‘Phara’ Tassel Necklace | Kendra Scott
  • Medium Gold Textured Hoop Earrings | Target
  • Large Rose Gold Orelia London Earrings | Topshop

Accessories Count: 6* | Total Count: 33

*The only accessory I didn’t picture is my bag of choice, which brings the total count to 33. I have a feeling I’ll end up wishing I included a crossbody, but I only chose one bag for the challenge: my charcoal Aldo chain tote, which was featured in my latest outfit post here.

Have you ever tried a capsule wardrobe challenge?

PS. Don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat (chelseytanisha) to see each day’s outfit in real time. I’ve already snapped day 1!

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The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

the capsule wardrobe challenge

This capsule wardrobe challenge will help you discover your personal style and hone in on what exactly is missing from your closet.



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