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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Happy Thursday! I hope you don’t mind the slight decrease in content lately! For one, the weather is seriously impeding on my ability to shoot content on the weekends. Thankfully, the sun hopefully is here to stay now. On top of that, I’m itching for a change and have a few ideas in mind! Change equals work, so I’m having to pull back a little to focus on some behind the scenes stuff. After all, this is a one-woman show over here!

In terms of style, I haven’t had much luck shopping in-store for fall fashion. It’s a little early in the month to comfortably wear knit sweaters, but those are usually hard for me to find so I like to find them as early as possible. I want to talk about how to get out a style rut in a future post because I feel like this is something we all go through, but how do you get out? There are a few things I’m doing to get out of my style rut, and one of them is browsing the stores. Even though I didn’t find much at the mall, I did luck out and find today’s outfit at Target!

Fashion Blogger Leopard Print Outfit-1 Fashion Blogger Leopard Print Outfit-1

TOP: TargetJEANS: TargetMULES: TargetEARRINGS: Jenny Bird

Tips for How to Style Leopard Print

When it comes to leopard print, I think sometimes people can feel a little intimidated by its bold “look at me” aura. With prints as loud as leopard, it can quickly veer from fashionably on trend to unintentionally tacky. Like all things in life, the key to styling leopard print is to have balance. Whether you choose to wear a leopard print top or a leopard print bottom (accessories are more timeless than trendy), the key is in pairing it with a complementary piece.

  • For leopard print tops, you have the greatest flexibility! You can wear them with a casual pair of jeans like I did, or with a skirt to fit the occasion.
  • For leopard print bottoms, it’s important to keep the top half simple. To avoid looking too busy and wearing conflicting prints, stick to a solid color–even if it’s bold. As always, wear a loose top if the skirt is fitted and a semi-fitted (or tucked in) top if the skirt is flowy to keep your look balanced.
  • For all leopard print, stick with complementary colors for the rest of your outfit if you don’t want to wear denim or black. A few shades that pair beautifully with leopard print are mustard yellow, olive green, cobalt blue, blush pink, burnt orange, and blood red.

Fashion Blogger Leopard Print Outfit-1 Fashion Blogger Leopard Print Outfit-1 Fashion Blogger Leopard Print Outfit-1 Fashion Blogger Leopard Print Outfit-1

Get the blogger look:

I love a leopard print accessory, but I reserve those for minimal outfits. With a leopard print top as the focal point, I wanted to keep my outfit (and its accessories) minimal.

I normally pair leopard with black pants, but I really liked the amount of distressed detailing on this pair of mom jeans from Target. I was surprised by how well they fit me at the waist while still having a baggy feel across the legs. Boyfriend or mom jeans can oftentimes look unflattering on my body type, but Target totally nailed the style with this pair. I have never purchased a pair of jeans from Target prior to this purchase, and I’m very impressed with the quality.

The mules are also from Target and I am so glad I found them! Mules are a great shoe to wear to work and on the weekend because they automatically add a bit of style to an outfit. I have a printed pair from Steve Madden, but mixing the print with leopard would have created a tragic outcome. Instead, I like how the mules balance out the weekend style–they pull the outfit together and had me looking like a true fashion blogger ready to plan her day!

Fall Leopard Print Outfit-1 Fall Leopard Print Outfit-1

TOP: TargetJEANS: TargetBOOTS: Wild Diva | EARRINGS: Jenny BirdJACKET: BlankNYCSUNGLASSES: Quay Australia

How to Transition Leopard Print in the Fall

With fall right around the corner, you also need to know how to style this trend to fit the season. Sticking with the outfit of a cami and jeans, I made a few minor adjustments to make the look fall-approved:

  • Swap the mules, flats, and open-toed shoes for boots.
  • Add a leather jacket for a little edge and a lot of warmth.
  • Pop on a bold lip color to bring out the fall tones.
Fall Leopard Print Outfit-1 Fall Leopard Print Outfit-1 Fall Leopard Print Outfit-1 Fall Leopard Print Outfit-1
Get the fall look:

As you can see, you really don’t need to totally revamp your wardrobe as you move into the fall season. Since I live in Texas, I can probably get away with wearing the cami through November without getting cold. If you live in a cooler climate, don’t fret! You can still pick up this leopard print top from Target and rock it this season. In addition to throwing on a jacket, you can also layer up.

The 90s layering style has been on trend all year, and now is the time to use it for your benefit. Throw on a fitted black turtleneck t-shirt underneath the leopard cami for a 90s throwback outfit. If you love leopard print skirts, a pair of tights underneath will keep your legs warm! If layering isn’t your thing, you can opt for a leopard print blouse or sweater that keeps your arms covered.

Trends that are print-based rather than style-based are the easiest things to work into your wardrobe because you aren’t limited to a particular article of clothing.

Find the print in a style you like and feel comfortable in, and get ready to walk the streets in style.

Shop the leopard print trend:

Final Verdict: Would I try the leopard print trend again?

Absolutely! What’s interesting is, this Target tank totally changed my opinion on leopard print! Granted, I love leopard print accessories year-round. I’m talking loafers, coats, bags, you name it!

Honestly, leopard print is more of a timeless trend when worn as an accent piece. But leopard print clothing is something I had to grow to appreciate. I doubt you’ll ever find me in a head to toe leopard print outfit, but I can style it in small doses and still feel chic.

What do you think? Are you sold on leopard print, or is snakeskin more your style?

Fall Leopard Print Outfit-1

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