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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Happy Monday! We’re officially in the autumn season so if you’re still stuck in a style rut, I’m here to guide you out! The awkward timeframe between summer and fall is usually filled with me clearing out items I no longer want and replacing them with fall-approved clothing.

This year, I didn’t see a lot in store during the pre-fall timeframe. On top of that, the weather was…interesting. I was in a bit of a style rut and after taking the time to get a little creative, I feel inspired just in time for fall!

Today’s video shares 3 things that I typically do to get out of a style rut in the hopes that it will reignite your love of fashion as we transition into the last few months of the year. Leave a comment below letting me know what you do to find style inspiration! As always, make sure you’re subscribed to the Venti Fashion YouTube channel!

How to Get Out of a Style Rut

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