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Hey guys! So do you remember last week when I posted my winter wishlist? I ended up going to the mall like I planned after work. Even though I didn’t get everything on my list, I still think I had a successful shopping trip. Honestly, the main goal was to purchase more pants since I’ve been meaning do that for a few months now. Am I the only one that hates buying pants? I’ll shop for tops any day of the week, but pants are another story. My favorite black pants are from Charlotte Russe and were really affordable, so I decided to go there again. It was pretty much meant to be because they were having a buy one, get one for $12.50 sale on their pants. By the end of it I walked out with four pants for under $100 total. If you’re looking for pants with a little stretch to them, try on a pair from Charlotte Russe. My list included olive and maroon pants, but then I also added black and a jewel-toned purple. You can never have too many pairs of black pants, and the purple color just caught my eye.

Afterwards, I walked into Forever 21 with the intent on buying a leopard print faux fur coat I’ve been eyeing since Halloween. I walk in, see it, and walk right out. I don’t know, there’s just something about spending $90 on one item at Forever 21 that doesn’t seem justifiable. It just wasn’t meant to be, which worked out because the following night I found an even better faux fur coat at Abercrombie while visiting a friend. The quality feels better and I can see myself wearing it more frequently since it isn’t as loud as a leopard coat. The last item I picked up was a polka dot cardigan from Target. I don’t know if I consider this a fall item or not, but it was too adorable to pass up. It reminds me of Kate Spade…probably because of the polka dots. But how cute would this look belted overtop an A-line dress? Stay tuned for future outfit posts to see how I end up styling these new purchases.

Refuge ‘Skin Tight Legging’ Jeans – Charlotte Russe

charlotte russe refuge pants-1

 Kylie Vegan Fur Coat – Abercrombie

faux fur coat-1

 Merona Polka Dot Cardigan – Target

merona polka dot cardigan-1

Check back on Wednesday to see the lip products I bought!

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  1. Romy VH says:

    Wow, that coat 😮 <3 xo Romy

  2. Tanya says:

    I like that fur coat!!!



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