Perfect Scents for the Summer

Photo Jun 23, 4 46 03 PM

It’s quickie post time! Did any of you partake in the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale? I’m a sucker for their 3-wick candles, but I managed to stay away from that section and instead pick up wallflowers and a new summer scent. There are two scents I absolutely love right now and keep alternating between.

The first pairing is Bodycology and Gucci Guilty. I was really into Bodycology scents a few years back because of the price points. At around $5-6 each, the staying power is pretty impressive. I didn’t have any great summer scents, which is what prompted my trip to Target to pick up a new lotion. All of bodycology products have long-lasting smells, but the Floral Rush scent in particular is my new favorite. The packaging is super cute, and the smell is a beautiful natural floral scent with a hint of sweet thrown in. Rather than splurge on a new perfume to match it up with–Rosabotanica would smell amazing with the Floral Rush combo–I decided to match it up with a perfume I already own: Gucci Guilty. I think the two complement each other well, and makes for a good daytime scent.

The second pairing is a result of the semi-annual sale mentioned earlier. At the checkout line was a tub of what B&BW deemed “the perfect summer fragrance” at only $3 a bottle. I tested out the scent, titled ‘Forever Sunshine’, and it smells exactly what you are probably envisioning right now: summer. It has a beautiful warm, muted scent that reminds me of bonfires and beaches. While I wear Floral Rush as well, it is more of a spring/summer scent whereas ‘Forever Sunshine’ is essentially summer in a bottle. I love the scent on its own, but I like to add perfume as a topper no matter what. Again choosing the save over splurge option, I pair this summer fragrance with my beloved Marc Jacobs ‘Honey’ perfume.

What’s your favorite summer scent?

For reference, I do not like fruity or sugary scents. I am drawn to warm and soft scents like amber, lavender, vanilla, coconut, jasmine and floral. If you love the same notes that I do, I recommend checking out both of these, but especially Forever Sunshine before the summer comes to a close.