The Backless Floral Summer Dress


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Forever 21 dress | Charlotte Russe wedges | UO and F21 jewelry

I wore this beautiful casual dress on Monday while picking up the ‘Paris Street Style’ book from Barnes & Noble. In addition to that, I had a few boring errands to run and this dress was easy and breezy. The downside? The thing about day dresses is you don’t realize how windy it is until it’s too late. This dress has a shift silhouette in that it hangs off your figure rather than sticking to it, and the slightest bit of wind results in a Marilyn Monroe imitation. My suggestion is to stay indoors if you wear a short day dress, otherwise you’ll be walking around town with your arms glued to your side like I was. Despite that fact, I am still really into wearing dresses during the summer because it feels like you aren’t wearing any clothes. I don’t know about you, but I’m really not into constricting clothes, particularly during Texas heat.